One of the newest and trending types of homework is blog assignments. This quirky step is appealing because of the popularity of social media among students. On the other hand, students tend to use essay help online to write my essay by native authors for completing their conventional & boring tasks. 

So, If you are also considering this smart assignment approach and evaluating its attainability, this article is for you. 


What Is Blogging?

Blogging is the modern version of “Dear Diary,” or journaling sans the element of privacy. It is a communication tool that an individual or group of people can use for talking about new details and amusing facts. Bloggers can also share their ideas, opinions, beliefs, experiences, and life stories. 

You need a platform or a website where you can get your blogs published. The texts you write will be viewed, read, and shared by your followers. The readers can comment on what they think about your piece of content. 

Social media has become an intrinsic part of our lives, and college students are no different. They love Skyping, making reels, reading blog posts instead of magazines, using Snaps, and much more. Hence, blogs are gradually making their way into the arena of academic assignments.


Benefits of Assigning Blogs to Students

Students Engage With Such Assignments Actively

Blogging is something that Gen Z loves a lot. The idea that their content will be viewed, read, and embraced by strangers makes it even more intriguing. So, when students are assigned blogs as a part of the academic curriculum, they willingly participate in the activity. Otherwise, they prefer to opt for an essay writing service for their lengthy and tedious assignments. 

Thus, blogging tasks are one of the best ways to engage and motivate learners.

It Widens the Audience

When students get to publish their assignments on a website and get their work reviewed not just by the professors but others as well, it motivates them to work harder. The anxiety to be judged by a broader audience compels them to perform better and more creatively.

Learners Get Real-Life Exposure

Writing an essay paper or completing a few topics from the textbook does not prepare students for the current world outside the college, and they find it hard to stay relevant.

But blogging can be considered as the stepping stone towards practical exposure. Blogging is a full-fledged career option for many. Besides, such activities help students delve deeper into the intricate world of marketing and networking, which is more beneficial than bookish knowledge.


Shortcomings of Blog Assignments

Although blog assignments are contemporary and all the craze is worth it, there is always a flipside. So, while we are on it, we should talk about the shortcomings too. 

May Cause Distractions and Time-Wastage 

Using social media not for entertainment but for educational purposes is something new for students. There is a high probability that the individuals will waste their precious time on social media platforms instead of researching relevant sources for their assignments. 

Might Destroy Traditional Classroom Culture 

Once students get accustomed to blogging as a substitute for conventional projects, they will start averting away from their classroom culture. They may begin resenting the typical gradation system of colleges and universities. Indeed, typing on a keyboard and researching on the same window is easier than writing things down. 

Can be Obstructive for Not-So-Tech-Savvy Students

Not every student has the much-needed technical knack regarding web hosting companies, website customization, plugins, and publishing of blogs. Some even don’t like to use social media at all. Their grades thus may come down drastically because of a lack of tech-savviness.

Negative Feedback May Affect Self-Confidence

When students publish blog assignments online, anyone can read them. Some comments and remarks can be rude and insensitive, which can further demotivate the authors.


Tips to Make the Overall Process More Effective and Smoother

Clarify the Basic Criteria for Blog Assignments

Professors should guide students regarding the topic selection for blogs. Besides, they have to be precise about the aim of such assignments. Students should be well-informed about word count, tonality, language, format, etc. 

Specify What to Include and What to Avoid

The blogs will be accessible by the entire class, as well as anyone online. That is why you need to be extra careful and vigilant with the instructions. From the very beginning, you need to be clear about the things one can include in the blogs and the ones they cannot. 

Guide Those Who Are Not Active on Social Media

Students who are not familiar with the technicalities of blogging should be guided by experts. They should be given extra time to get comfortable with the new setup and have their queries answered. 

Discuss Assignments in Class After Submission 

Students should use a common platform that is easily accessible by them. Make the evaluation process transparent, smooth, and convenient. Students will feel more involved in the process with this practice: instead of judging each other or making fun, they will be inclined towards helping one another. 


Students tend to show more interest in blogging. And it is this interest that helps them perform well and score better. Instead of relying on conventional tactics and methodologies, educational institutions should embrace this innovative technique. Academics need not be boring. The more students enjoy a specific activity, the better the outcome of this participation will be.