How to Become a Successful Travel Blogger

How to Become a Successful Travel Blogger

Would you like to have a successful travel blog? Maybe you are starting out or have an established blog but are struggling to progress and make money? Learn how to grow and improve your travel blog with our helpful tips and secrets  


Becoming a famous (or rich) travel blogger isn't easy. Money won't start flowing in straight away and you might feel a bit intimidated by how many good travel blogs there are already on the internet. There are lots of simple techniques and rules to follow which can really help boost your popularity, readership and income.

Before we get started, if you are a total beginner view our guide to starting a travel blog. Now, check out our top tips how to make your travel blog popular and make money below. 


1. Get a Good Laptop/Tablet

Get a computer or tablet you feel comfortable to work on. It doesn't need to be the most expensive one on the market but it does need to be something which is fast, easy to use, portable and also comfortable. If you are in need of a new computer check out our guide to the best travel laptops to buy right now.


2. Choose a Reliable Blog Platform / Hosting

Having the ability to upload and edit content quickly and easily from anywhere in the world is vital to the success of a blog. We highly recommend using Wordpress which is popular with travel bloggers.


2. Get an Attractive/Modern Design

First impressions are everything to it is important your blog looks modern, fun and appealing. Your homepage should be clear and easy to navigate. Make sure your blog design is mobile/tablet optimised as more and more people are now using phones and tablets to browse the internet.


3. Write Good Content

Before you publish anything, read it and ask, would you find this interesting? Would other people like to read it? Unique, well thought out content will appeal to a wider audience and usually get people to return to your blog if they like what you write. You should also spellcheck and check grammer before going live, you would be suprised how many people publish content with errors.


4. Know Your Audience

Who are you aiming your blog at? A younger backpacker market? Or a more lucrative older market? Both age groups will have totally different interests and it is important you tailor your content to the right people.


5. Utilise Social Networks

It is imporant to have a social media presence on websites like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest. This is also a good way to promote your blog for free as people will be able to follow you and join your pages.


6. Accept Guest Posts/Promotional Advertising

One way to make money is to accept guest articles or add links on your blog. Companies will contact you looking to publicise goods and services usually asking for promotional links or article advertising.


7. Read Other Blogs

It is important to keep checking other blogs to get ideas, and see what other bloggers are doing. You will be able to get inspiration and see what other people are doing which is popular. You might also get ideas for new places to visit and things to do. You might also see ways you can be different.


8. Do Fun Things

Nobody will be interested in reading your blog if you are doing boring things or moaning. We guarantee a video doing something like bunjee in New Zealand or going on an adventure in the Amazon will be more appealing than just being home!


9. Get on YouTube

YouTube is a great avenue to generate interest, exposure and make money. If you feel confident you could go infront of the camera and take people on exciting adventures or just talk about travel. But you can also make videos using music, photos and videos. Once a video is live it will gather views over time and with banners/ads you will be able to make money.


10. Offer Reviews

Contact companies which offer travel related goods and services and let them know about your blog. You might be suprised what free things you get, for example you could contact camera companies offering to do a review or even contact accommodation and say you will publizise them in exchange for a free place to stay.


11. Accept Free Trips

People reject free trips? This might sound crazy but yes! Lots of tour operators, cruise lines and travel companies offer free trips to bloggers but you would be suprised how many reject the chance due to other commitments.


12. Learn How to Monotise Affiliates

A great way to make money is to add affiliate links to your website to promote companies, goods and services. Lots of travel have affiliate programs for activities and services e.g. flights, tours and accommodation. There are also large affiliate marketplace websites like Commission Junction and Affiliate Window where you can browse hundreds of companies.


13. Become a Google Analytics Wiz

Google analytics, and other analytical programs are a great way to check to see what is popular on your blog. You can see wher your audience comes from and what they check. This is a great way to focus on certian areas and improve your blog. You can also see where all your traffic comes from.


14. Comment on Other Blogs/Forums/Social Pages

Increase your online presence by commenting on other blogs and articles. Sometimes you can also include a link to your website which will generate clicks. On Facebook you can comment as your page and people might click through to check you out.


15. Start a Newsletter

A great way to keep your followers updated on your travels is to have a newsletter. 


16. Make Connections 

Make friends with other travellers on the road, go to events and blogger meet ups. Get social. You could even do collaborations.


17. Share Advice

Helpful tips and advice is always a great way to engage people, especially when it comes to travelling cheaply or on a budget.


18. Write Guest Posts

Contact other blogs and websites and see if they accept guest posts. Although most of this you will be doing this for free, especially when starting out you will get to increase your online presence and they will usually allow you to link back to your website - boosting your visitor numbers too. Some companies and website once they see you write well will even pay you for articles, you might want to write for One World 365.


19. SEO

Search engine optimisiation is very important to a sucessful blog. Having good listings on search engines like Google will be of reat benefit in terms. 


20. Form Partnerships

Get in touch with travel companies and see if they would be interested in sponsoring your blog. Build a partners list and this will help you to generate money and keep travelling. You will find a lot of travel blogs have a partner page, or a page which says what companies help them to travel and usually included are flight companies, travel insurance, tour companies and accommodation providers.


21. Banner Adverts

Banner adverts are a great way to generate money for your blog. You could independently get banners and display them on your website, or you could join an online platform like Google, Ezoic, Mediavine. The companies provide you with code to add to your website which automatically display banners relevant to your content. When someone clicks on a banner you will be paid a fee or sometimes a commission on any sales generated.


Do you think we missed anything off our list? Have anything to add? Contact us and let us know.