Picture yourself surrounded by unspoiled landscapes, basking in the Mediterranean sun, and immersing yourself in luxurious relaxation. 

Do you feel ready to dive into unforgettable bliss at a villa with a private pool in Sicily? It’s definitely worth trying!

Discover why Sicily is the destination of choice for those seeking a rejuvenating and unforgettable holiday experience.


Why is Sicily the Best Holiday Destination?

Embrace the allure of Sicily's private pool villas and prepare for an extraordinary escape where relaxation and enchantment intertwine. Siciliy, a captivating Mediterranean oasis, is the place which will stay with you long after you've left its shores. What distinguishes Sicily from other holiday destinations? 

In Sicily, you'll find an array of exquisite villas, ranging from beachside havens to charming country retreats and historic properties, offering their own unique charm and features. The comfort of living in a breathtaking Sicily villa with a pool, where every moment is a blissful escape, is one of the benefits of this holiday destination.

The range of luxurious villas you can choose from is great, giving you the opportunity of choosing the accommodation tailored to your needs and dreams. You can start the process of villa selection with the decision of what location you would most love to stay. The old charming towns, seaside resorts, or maybe the countryside? 

Choosing a seafront villa with a pool, you have the comfort of using both sweet and salty water, according to your mood.  Imagine eating your meals in a lush garden, or on a beautiful terrace with a view of the coastline, and unspoiled landscapes. 

The villas have also a fully-equipped kitchen, a wellness area, a whirlpool tub,  and of course air-conditioning. The proximity to attractions makes your holiday even more exciting. You can visit the old town, discover more secluded beaches, or do the shopping at a traditional local market.


Fall in Love with the Landscapes and Lifestyle

Sicily has lots of landscapes and places to discover, and it’s definitely not the same as any other place in the world. 

Beyond the luxurious comfort of your private pool villa, Sicily offers a wealth of cultural treasures waiting to be explored. Immerse yourself in the island's rich history by visiting ancient Greek ruins, such as the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento or the stunning amphitheatre in Taormina.

Villa Romana del Casale is waiting to amaze you with its intricate mosaics. In the afternoon wander through the enchanting streets of Syracuse's historic center. It’s impossible not to experience Sicily’s vibrant past. 

No trip to Sicily is complete without savouring its exceptional cuisine, which will pamper your senses and leave you mouthwatering. Taste delights such as arancini (rice balls), fresh seafood, and cannoli, a delectable pastry filled with sweet ricotta.

You should definitely go to the local markets, where the aroma of fresh produce and traditional ingredients will awaken your senses. You can’t eat Sicily’s food without renowned wines, Nero d'Avola or Marsala. 


Plan Wisely 

When you’re planning your dream trip to Sicily, consider practical details to make your journey seamless.

Explore transportation options, including nearby airports and the best ways to connect to your villa. Contact your villa rental office to aid you with the airport transfer, and even the concierge service. Learning some basic Italian travel phrases will help you.

The best months to come to Sicily are July and August when the weather is hot and sunny. The weather will also be beautiful, yet not so hot in spring or early autumn. As a citizen of the EU, you don’t need a visa for a short say. 

You can easily reach Sicily by plane, and travelling around the island is quite easy with a rented car, allowing you to reach almost the most distant gems.