The city is full of historic landmarks that speak of America’s history, has a wonderful park system, and is one of the most interesting destinations for families with children (although, solo travelers and couples have a lot to explore as well). 

And, for those who are still on the fence about visiting Philly, here are a few more compelling reasons to help you decide:


1. Diversity (in People & the Environment)

A good trip is all about the memories you create and the new worlds you get to discover. Plus, it stimulates your sense of wonder and it comes with a series of mental health benefits. Philadelphia is the very embodiment of all these concepts due to its amazing diversity in terms of tourist attractions, locals, and neighborhoods. 

Wherever you walk (yes, it’s a very walkable city) you can see how people of diverse backgrounds can come together through art and food, and create a beautiful community where differences unite. 

Plus, the city is all about greeneries (check out the Fairmount Park system) and culture (see all the great museums you should cover). Lastly, the city is not as congested by traffic as other major US cities and public transport is stellar.


2. Flying Into Philadelphia International Airport

Philly is serviced by three airports, but the Philadelphia International Airport is the biggest one. Of course, it’s also the busiest one, with around 500 daily departures and around 30 million passengers per year.

Given the level of air traffic, it’s also easy to understand why it can be scary if this is your first time in Philly. Luckily, you can do a bit of research and figure things out before landing here. For more, check out iFly's guide for the Philadelphia International Airport.


3. The Cradle of American History

If you’ve ever been curious about the history of the country, Philly is the perfect destination for your trip. Here, you’ll find America’s most historic square mile where you can see attractions from various times in US history. 

A few of these amazing sites are the Independence Hall (a UNESCO World Heritage Site), the National Constitution Center, and the Museum of the American Revolution.


4. Art is Everywhere

One of the reasons Philadelphia is among the top US tourist destinations is the respect it has for art. This city is home to the Philadelphia Museum of Art where visitors can admire a collection of 225,000 items covering a long history that spans over 2,000 years. 

Also, if you like paintings, the Barnes Foundation hosts the world’s finest private collection of paintings and you have access to the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts (the oldest art museum and school in the US).

And, if this is still not enough, you must check the maze of mosaics on display in the Magic Gardens! Lastly, the art literally spills onto the streets with over 4,000 murals spread throughout the city.  


5. Good Food

After a long day of walking and admiring the scenery, you need a place where you can rest and recharge with good food and a nice atmosphere.

Luckily, Philadelphia’s culinary dining scene is one of the best in the world and you can choose between high-end restaurants where the food is prepared by world-renowned chefs and local food establishments where you get to taste only-in-Philadelphia flavors.

The city is famous for its cheesesteak, but there is also a high-quality farmer’s market and a bustling Chinatown where you can experiment with flavors from all over the world. 


6. Sport

Have a passion for live sport? Philadelphia is one of the best places in North America to see games. The city hosts events in four major sports leagues including the NHL, NFL, NBA, and MLB.

Check online for dates, these are the best teams to see:

  • Philadelphia Phillies (MLB)
  • Philadelphia Eagles (NFL)
  • Philadelphia 76ers (NBA)
  • Philadelphia Flyers (NHL)
  • Philadelphia Union (MLS)

There are lots of reasons to visit Philly, but its diversity, eas-of-access, history, art, and food are always at the top of tourists’ preferences. This city is highly underrated, especially with foreigners favoring cities like Chicago, Miami and New York.

If you’re looking for a unique US location, Philadelphia definitely fits the bill. If you want to visit multiple destinations you might also like to search USA small group tours, a lot of which include Philadelphia in itineraries.