Mexico appeals to everyone. For those on a budget, there’s a plethora of affordable backpacker hostels. But equally, the luxury market is also booming with lots of luxury resorts and 5 star hotels. You can also find everything in between with a huge selection of mid-range hotels. 

Need some convincing Mexico is for you? Here are 5 reasons why Mexico will appeal to you.


1. Luxury

Cancun beach strip

When browsing through hotels in Mexico, it’s evident that Mexico excels in the luxury market. There are many 5-star accommodation options with incredible views and top-tier services. In fact, Mexico has a highly underrated hospitality and services industry, so those with a more flexible budget can get world-class service.

The reason why Mexico is a great option for those looking for luxury is that it can manage to offer it for much cheaper than its North American counterparts. But equally, it has some incredible nature and culture which goes hand-in-hand with luxury travel.

There are countless Michelin-star restaurants and 5-star hotels, be it on the coast or in Mexico City. Mexico’s infrastructure is also better than a lot of the rivaling countries that offer luxury holidays, like in South East Asia. In that sense, Mexico offers the best of both worlds.


2. History and Culture

Chichen Itza

Whether you’re on a budget or not, you may want to visit Mexico for its history alone. The Maya civilization is responsible for some incredible technology, art, and perhaps best of all, architecture. The Maya civilization was way ahead of their time, and the Maya language even remains to exist in Mexico to this day.

Most of the Maya cities were abandoned well over a thousand years ago. But, they left behind some incredible stuff. The Chichén Itzá is perhaps the most famous, being a New Seven Wonders of the World.

The pyramid is located in Yucatan, and is thought to data back to the 5th century. It would have been one of the biggest cities in Mexico at the time, and it has some absurdly accurate scientific elements to it. The Mayans knew astronomy well, as there are 365 steps, which is no coincidence.

But, this is just the start. There are countless Maya ruins and many are within short driving distance of either Mexico City or the popular tourist areas on the East coast. Then we have the Aztecs and the art they left behind…

Besides being one of the most interesting historical countries in the world, Mexico has an incredible culture today, too. Incredible food, warm and inviting people, the experiences of travelers generally can’t speak highly enough of Mexicans.


3. Cuisine

Having both arid and tropical areas, the food that grows well in Mexico, and thus contributes to their national cuisine, is highly popular.

Again, Maya Indians are thought to be behind a lot of the dishes, where corn tortillas and bean paste have been a staple. Today, traditional food still remains strong, with guacamole, beans, tortillas, chiles, and tomatoes touching just about every dish.

The best part about Mexico’s food though, is that it’s best served on the streets. There’s a strong street food culture in Mexico, and although there are fine dining options, some of the best food you can find is the cheap, authentic stuff that locals indulge in.


4. Nature

Playa del Carmen beach palm trees

When the golden eagle is the country’s national bird, you know there is some seriously cool nature to see. Mexico has endless endemic species of birds, along with the Mexican wolf, spider monkeys, Jaguars, and many other animals that many of us couldn’t imagine seeing in real life.

When it comes to the natural environment, again, there’s something for everyone. Mexico has both arid and tropical environments, something very few countries can boast.

There are many great hiking trails in Mexico, and places like the rolling hills of Hierve el Agua, Oaxaca, checks all the boxes when it comes to waterfalls, green-carpet mountains, and stunning sunsets.

Copper Canyon, Chihuahua, is Mexico’s answer to the Grand Canyon. This copper canyon spans over 25,000 square miles, with rusty-looking walls and big drops into valleys.

Wherever you stay in Mexico, there will always be opportunities for excursions, hikes, and photographs.


5. Nightlife

The reason for leaving nightlife to the last is to show that Mexico has a lot more to offer than just party hospots like Cancun. But, why ignore Cancun nightlife altogether, seeing as it’s possibly the most exciting place to be in the world if you’re into that kind of thing.

Cancun blends world-famous nightclubs with beach cocktails. You only need to Google the likes of Republica Del Distrito Club to see the kind of EDM and House raves that take place. Of course, at certain times of year it can be full of Spring Break-ers, but at other times, it can be a little more laid back. Mexico City, among many other cities, also boasts great nightlife.

If you’re into a more relaxed night out, then Mexico also does well when it comes to bars, cocktail bars, and beach cafes that stay open late.