Located in south-east of France, near the Italian and Swiss borders, with the majestic the backdrop of Mont Blanc and upholding the rich heritage of Rothschild, Megève is one of the best and most exclusive and elegant ski resorts in the world.

If you are looking to plan a trip in Europe to discover somewhere spectacular, or take part in outdoor adventure sports, you will love Megève. This town a world away from the most popular tourist destinations in France like France, Lyon and Nice.

It is the hub of some of the most unforgettable travels and lavish experiences that the French Alps has to offer. 

Here is everything you need to know before you visit this special French resort. 


Top Reasons to Visit Megève

There are various reasons to travel. Sometimes, we want to discover new cities, where culture reigns, while at other moments, all we desire is to get away from it all.

We live in a time when getting back to nature has become vital. There are many reasons that justify this, but no doubt that the COVID-19 crisis, which locked us all inside our homes for various periods of time, has had the most impact in that regards. As we could not travel freely, we searched for a bit of fresh air on our balcony, or in the garden for the most fortunate ones.

If you are searching for where to go on your next trip, while remaining in an environment that is as comfortable as can be, then renting a chalet in Megève, France, just might be the right option for you.

This charming ski resort is nearly 100 years old, proudly upholding its rich history and culture. It is positioned amid a breathtaking setting of the French Alps, overlooking the spectacular views of Mont Blanc. It isn’t just a favourite ski resort among the affluents but also a perfect romantic getaway that takes its visitors under the spell of its unfathomable beauty and charm. 

The little Alpine village, Megève, is both chic and sophisticated. It welcomes you with an old-world charm that is unparalleled in the Alps. This is perfectly harmonised with its smart boutiques, plush hotels and alluring restaurants & bars. 


How to Get to Megève 

If you are going to be flying, Geneva is the closest airport to Megève. From here you will need to transfer or drive the one hour journey - plenty of airport transfers are available as well as car rentalls.

Other airports within reach of Megève include Chambery and Grenoble airports - both around a two hour drive. Or if arrival by rail you can buy tickets to Sallanches-Combloux-Megève train station which is only 12kms from the resort.


Where to Stay

There is an excellent selection of hotels, B&B's, apartments and luxury chalets to rent in Megève, something for all budgets! The Luxury Chalet Company are Megeve travel specialist and are recommended when booking properties in this resort.

To really maximize the experience you might want to decide to stay in a luxury chalet, which if booked in-advance are great value for money and really add to the perfect trip. We recommend going to rent a chalet in Combloux which is only a 5-minute drive from the ski resort. 

Staying in a chalet is one of the best ways of experiencing the stunning natural beauty of Megève. These are typically standalone units and offer you just the right amount of privacy and seclusion you need on your holiday.

Some also have a chef on the premise, that will prepare all the meals for you. If you have never tasted French cuisine before, you will be impressed by its complexity and the amazing flavours that they hold.

Whether your goal is to walk around the mountains, relax in the fresh air, a special chalet can really add to the experience. Some chalets even include butler service or if you opt for a more luxurious place to stay you can even from accommodation with your own private chauffeur, so that you don’t have to drive. Everything has been thought of, so that you can put your mind and body on “off,” to re-energize.

It is the ultimate destination to indulge in a plethora of winter activities, ski your heart out, savour the delicacies and live in one of the luxury accommodations available.    


Skiing in Megève – An Experience to Cherish Forever

Skiing Megeve

Megève became a popular ski destination for the rich and famous in the 1920s and whilst the resort still attracts many tourists with money, it is fairly easy to ski or holiday here without breaking the bank.

A gem of skiing resorts, Megève spreads across 400 km, covering 235 slopes and 4 massifs – Rochebrune, Jaillet, Cote 2000 and Mont d’ Arbois. Nestled at an elevation of 2525 metres on Mont Jolly, it offers the perfect experience for both snowboarders and skiers from across the world.

Megève is perfect for both beginners and advanced level skiiers, with so many easy and challenging slopes. This is also one of the best ski resorts for families in France too.

The pistes are dotted with exquisite pine trees and provide incredible views of Mont Blanc.      


Top Things to Do in Megève in Winter

Megève isn’t just an implausible ski resort but also provides you with plenty of other travelling experiences. Walk around the quaint and cosy streets of the village as the warm golden lights illuminate the charming beauty of the place. Visit the market village square to relish upon a lip-smacking crêpe or explore the Saint Jean-Baptiste Church by night. 

For a more fun experience, skate on the outdoor ice-skating rink or chill out at the Le Palais leisure centre with Balneotherapy. It is a great place to unwind and relax amid the spa facilities, indoor ice rink, swimming pool, library, and heated indoor & outdoor pool. And for the ultimate adrenaline rush, head off to one of the luges in Megève which offer a variety of action-packed activities. 


Summer Activities in Megève

Most people don’t want to get away from comfort, but from the noise, hassle and pollution of everday life. And there really is no better summer destination than Megève.

Although Megève is famous for skiing and winter sports, you can visit all year round for a really special experience, especually during May to September.

When you visit Megève in summer, you will find yourself in the middle of nature, with the sound of birds singing in the summer, or to the calm empty noise of snow falling on the ground, in winter time. The symbiosis between human being and nature can finally take place.

There are lots of walking trails, biking trips and hiking activities and a summer holiday in the mountains away from the hustle and bustle or everyday life will leave you really relaxed. 


Where to Eat in Megève? 

Being in Megève, you cannot miss savouring some of the many eateries and restaurants you can find here. The must-visit places are Le Radaz, Flocons de Sel, Nous and La Table de l’Alpaga. There are restaurants and options for all budgets.


Plan Your Trip to Megève

Megève really is one of the best destinations in France offering the perfect blend of scenic skiing, amazing chalet-style accommodation, mouth-watering food and a plethora of fun activities.

It doesn’t matter which time of the year you head to the French Alps, you will always be able to find your peace and serenity and fall in love with the scenery.

Visiting Megève will create memories you will cherise forever.