Thousands of Americans visit Isle of Palms every year but surprisingly this is still slightyly not well known with international tourists, most of which when looking for a beach break in the USA tend to travel further south to Florida. 

If you want to visit somewhere a little less touristy than Orlando or Miami, Isle of Palms is deftinately one of the best places to visit on the east coast of the USA and somewhere to add to your itinerary.


Visiting the USA

If you live overseas and are keen to visit this incredible location, you will need to check latest Covid-19 entry requirements and also need to get your ESTA visa approved at the earliest. An ESTA visa is a travel authorization granted electronically for short visits to the United States.

If you do not plan to spend more than three months in the States, then the us esta visa is perfect for you. If you are on a business trip or simply traveling, then getting an ESTA visa will be more convenient for you.

Besides this, ESTA is easier to obtain than a regular visa. If you want to take a quick trip to the States, you can opt for the hassle-free ESTA application process.


Getting to Isle of Palms

Isle of Palms is a city in Charleston County, South Carolina, on the east coast of the United States. There are lots of ways to reach this location, either independently or via organised package. There are several airports in South Carolina, whilst you can also book public transport or rent a car from other US cities.


Top Things to Do in Isle of Palms

One of the most popular ways to enjoy your time in Isle of Palms is just to relax on the white sandy beach. Locals, as well as tourists, spend days and nights here and the sunsets are incredible. You can walk around the Isle, sunbathe, swim or just explore. There are options for all ages and interests.

If you love adrenaline activities, then you can try out the local watersports like going on a banana boat, jet skiing or paragliding.

If you have a free day you could rent a moped which is a great way to explore the island and the surrounding places. With a two-wheeler, you can scoot across the island without worrying about parking space. 


Eating Out

There are lots of different restaurants in the vicinity of Isle of Palms to check out, and we recommend sampling some of the tasty local seafood.

Acme Lowcountry Kitchen is a top-rated restaurant that offers seafood and American cuisine. This restaurant is well known for crab cakes and salmon and they have a special dish every night.

Another top place to eat is Coda del Pesce, an exquisite Italian restaurant known for its beautiful view of the ocean. Duck sausages, shrimp pasta, fried octopus are some of the popular dishes to try.

Long Island Café is a classic American style café that also offers terrific seafood. They are famous for their crab cakes, pan-fried flounders, tasty burgers, and crispy fries.


Exploring the Area

Some parts happen because of city planning. Other parks happen because of public demand, like this one. Built in 1996, the beach park offers panoramic views of the ocean along with swimming in the Beachfront. 

The park has volleyball areas and BBQ areas, which make the park perfect for an outing with friends. Additionally, the county park has picnic spots and playgrounds ideal for families. There is also a dog park so you can bring your pet along. In the evenings, you can witness a remarkable sunset view on the beach.


Isle of Palms Camping

For an alternative way to experience this destination you might want to consider camping. The Isle of Palms Park, located near the Beachfront, is an excellent camping spot with easy beach access. It also has playgrounds and volleyball courts. Additionally, the park has lots of restrooms, benches, bathrooms, and showers. The food trucks serve delicious snacks.

James Island County Park is a top-rated Campground with excellent facilities for campers. The campsite features a store, clean bathrooms, free Wi-Fi, and an activity center all in a natural park.

Oak Plantations Campgrounds are known for their cleanliness. The site has a lot of shady spots and high-speed Wi-Fi. Moreover, the campsite has a pool where you swim or relax.


Boat Rentals

Like mentioned earlier, the Isle of Palms beach is famous for watersports. If you are looking for an independent way to go and don't fancy a tour, you could rent a boat. The Isle of Palms Marina has a wide variety of boats, considering all kinds of requirements. The boats are upgraded with the latest safety equipment. Some require experience whilst others are smaller and anyone can rent.


Plan a Break Today

Isle of Palms really is one of the most underrated places to visit on the east coast USA, with its mesmerizing beaches and sunsets, you will want to visit more than once.

Remember if you live outside of the States, you need to have a valid ESTA. Applying for ESTA is quick and easy but make sure you do it well in advance so you can prepare all the documents you need. Missing out on any of them could mean that your ESTA may be rejected – and you do not want that. 

You are eligible to obtain an ESTA if your country is listed in the US Visa Waiver Program. It would be best if you got your ESTA a little in advance to your planned tour to the US. You can apply for an ESTA visa now before you plan your trip to the United States.

Once verified, you can use that ESTA visa for two years. Within that validity, you can enter the USA multiple times. Did you already apply for an ESTA visa? Are you wondering how long it will take for you to get your hands on it? You do not need to ask anyone. You can check ESTA status online. You can even renew your ESTA visa if it has expired.


Have you ever been to the Isle of Palms? Got any recommendations or tips to share? Let us know in the comments section below.