To get a firsthand experience of Scandinavian culture and have some time of total relaxation, you want to put Denmark in line on your bucket list of potential tourist destinations for your next holiday.

Denmark is well known for its renowned museums, designs, castles, Viking attractions, and award-winning Michelin restaurants. These spots are sure to amaze you with their landscapes, cuisines, intriguing weather patterns, and rich aquatic wildlife.

We should also mention that you should consider a trip to Greenland when you come here. Greenland is the largest island in the world within Denmark's geographical territory, and it has many exciting places that every tourist should visit.

Here are five reasons why you should consider visiting Denmark right now.


1. To See Copenhagen

Copenhagen, Denmark's capital city, is the country's most famous tourist destination. One of the oldest cities in Europe, the city's ancient museums, architecture, and fascinating atmosphere, especially at Christmas, make it a top destination site in Denmark. Let's see a bit of its history.

Copenhagen dates back to 1000 AD, hosting a small fishing village. It attained the status of a city and became Denmark's capital in 1536. Today, Copenhagen is the modern capital city in Europe, with many inspiration points for mega cities worldwide.

There are lots of ways to get around Copenhagen, and on the streets of this exciting city you can see so many courtyards of medieval buildings, fountains, planetariums, several historical castles – and of course, exciting cuisines. With frequent rains and high humidity, summers in Copenhagen are cool, and the winters mild.


2. The Oresund Bridge

After five years of construction, the Oresund came into being, connecting Copenhagen to the Swedish city of Malmo. The longest bridge in the world, the Oresund Bridge, runs nearly 8 km over water and then smoothly passes into an underground tunnel of about 4 km.

One of the most impressive architectural structures on the planet, this legendary structure of a combined railway and road bridge between Denmark and Sweden is one you'll hardly find anywhere else.


3. Tivoli Park

Tivoli is a renowned amusement park and garden in the center of Copenhagen. This amusement park, which has become an international landmark, purportedly co-inspired Walt Disney in building America's 'Disneyland.' Live music goes on every day in this park, with exciting programs for everyone regardless of genre preference or age.


4. To Taste Danish Cuisines

One dish you'll most likely come across on your visit to Denmark would be the 'Stegt flæsk med persillesauce – a sauce containing fried pieces of pork belly with boiled potatoes and béchamel sauce from parsley. (Well, it doesn't taste as complex as this description sounds).

Danes love fried, spicy, and high-calorie food, perhaps because it's very straightforward to cook them, and they're tasty. You want to try a little of Denmark's tasty cuisines here.


5. To See the Happiest People in the World

In this Scandinavian nation, rain falls more than half a year (171 days), and the average summer temperature is 17 degrees. However, the Danes are considered the happiest people in the world.

Every year since 2011, the United Nations started publishing a list of the happiest nations in the world, and you already know what country has been leading here - Denmark. One report in a British magazine - The Economist, reportedly remarked that being born in Scandinavia is similar to winning a lottery ticket.

Here's why, the Danes are satisfied with what they get, don't keep too high hopes about the future, and appear humble about everything that happens to them in life. Moreover, comfort and safety are the primary values in this friendly nation, making it a favourite tourist destination for many people.

Be sure to learn some basic Danish phrases before arriving to impress the locals.


A trip to Denmark represents a travel adventure between a modern expedition and a vintage-themed tour. This country has everything for every age group, which is why it's one of Europe's most desired travel destinations in Europe. If you are unsure of your next holiday destination, consider visiting this Scandinavian nation.