A gap year is a chance to gain experience outside of the classroom. Basically, it is a break that anyone can take at any point of your life. There are though so many places you could go around the globe, so where do you choose? 

There are a few places that automatically spring to mind when you think about taking a gap year including Africa, Australia and Thailand. These places should be definitely be high on your list, but you should also consider Nepal.

Nepel is such an underrated destination, this beautiful country has rich culture, history, and a number of World Heritage Sites. Whether you are an adventure junkie or spiritual seeker, Nepal is one of the most amazing places to visit on your gap year, and here is why: 


1. Budget-friendly

Nepal is considered to be a relatively cheap travel destination, which is perfect for your student budget. You might need to save some cash for airline tickets though. It's difficult to find a flight under $1,000 for upcoming dates. That's why you need to buy a ticket at least six months before your gap year starts (so that you can pay less). 

Once you are there, you will be able to find a hotel room with a swimming pool for about $20 with breakfast included. For a bed in the tea house, you will pay only $2. If you plan to stay longer than a week in one city, you can rent the whole flat (which shouldn't be more than $65 per month). 

The same applies to prices for food. For instance, the bowl meal in the restaurant costs around $1, local granola bars cost 20 cents. You will pay $10 for the meal in the fancy restaurant for tourists. Avoid tourists places to make sure you don't pay a double price. 


2. No Language Barrier

According to a study, 122 languages are spoken in Nepal as a first language. However, a lot of people (especially in big cities) are fluent in English since this language is primarily used for business in Nepal. It is a good thing since you will not have to worry about the language barrier once you are there. Keep in mind that Nepalese have their own pronunciation called Nenglish. 

Learn some basic phrases in Nepali (the official language in Nepal); it will help you get more perks and get to know the locals better.


3. Adventure & Trekking

Nepal Buddhist Monastery Mountains

Nepal is famous for its excellent trekking routes. Short treks can take up to five days, during medium and longs treks you can be on the road up to 20 days. It's not only about walking and seeing beautiful sights, but you can also meet other travelers in the tea-houses on the way and share experiences. 

According to Kandoo Adventures, autumn and spring are the best seasons to travel around Nepal. Let's not forget that there are five seasons: winter, spring, summer, monsoon, and autumn. 

If you want to see the spectacular close up views of the world's highest mountains, you can trek to Everest base camp; the whole journey will take around two weeks. The list of the best treks in Nepal includes Manaslu Circuit, Ghorepani Poon Hill, Langtang Valley, Upper Mustang, and Kanchenjunga base camp treks. 

As you can understand, going to Nepal for a week isn't worth it since there are so many places to visit. 


4. Rewarding Volunteering Opportunities

Monks in Nepal

If you want to spend some time doing something rewarding during your gap year, there are lots of internships and volunteering projects in Nepal. For instance, you can earn a certificate and teach English to local kids. Or you can collaborate with local organizations and educate women about new technologies, hygiene, and personal health. 


5. Delicious Food

To understate the Nepali culture, you need to meet people, listen to their music, and taste local food. Thankfully, you will find a lot of tasty dishes that you have never tried before. The best thing is that Nepalese cuisine is considered healthy; it is influenced by India and China. 


6. UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Kathmandu temples

The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization has listed ten world heritage sites in the different parts of Nepal. Many of the best sites are located in the Kathmandu valley, and only three of them are outside of the capital.

The list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Nepal includes Pashupatinath Temple, Swayambhunath Stupa, Boudhanath Stupa, Kathmandu Durbar Square, Patan Durbar Square, Bhaktapur Durbar Square, Changu Narayan Temple, Lumbini, Chitwan National Park, and Sagarmatha National Park.

You can spend weeks exploring all of them on your way. 


So what are you waiting for? Start planning a tour to Nepal today!