Beyond its rich culture, history, and central location in Europe, Poland has some of the best schools in the world, and the quality of education is one to be admired. 

Cities like Warsaw and Krakow are cosmopolitan areas and are rich in cultural diversity.

Here are ten reasons why you should consider Poland as your next study destination.


1. Quality Education

Poland has some of the world’s most esteemed universities, which offer quality education in science, education, arts, law, and history. The University of Warsaw is one such university. It is a dream for many students across Europe to earn a college degree. There is a wide range of courses taught in English and other popular languages.

If you need help in college to complete your essay as an international student, that can sometimes be challenging. As a UK student, who spent most of his time in college in England, I was a bit apprehensive about managing my academic work in Poland. Learning a bit of the Polish language and getting accustomed to the culture was one thing, but I also needed someone to do my writing work.


2. Affordable Tuition

Compared to other European countries, the price of tuition is fairly lower for most universities in Poland. Tuition fees range from EUR1500 to EUR3000 per year, plus, you may also learn for free if you secure a scholarship, as is the case for many internal students. You also get value for your money because the quality of education exceeds the tuition fees you pay.


3. Cost of Living

You can live comfortably on a budget in Poland, and the good news is, the quality of life still surpasses that of many developed countries in the world. This should encourage you more to join a university in Poland to pursue your education.

As an international student, the lower costs of food, travel, and affordable accommodation come in handy. You could even find seasonal-jobs-working-holidays in Poland in your spare time to boost your income.


4. Exciting Culture and Student Life

The education system in Poland is practically based, and this will give you skills that employers are looking for across the world. Student life shouldn’t be boring, because you will have some of the best experiences in the dazzling cities of Warsaw and Krakow. From wine bars, clubs, and restaurants, there is more to relish while studying in Poland. 


5. A Great Place to Explore

If you are interested in the Polish ecosystem, the best way to get the experience is by applying to one of the top universities in Warsaw.

If you are a lover of adventure, Poland offers some of the world’s best-revered places to watch wildlife, unique plants, and nature. It is home to Bialowieza forest, a UNESCO recognized primeval forest.


6. Scholarships for International Students

There is a plethora of school-based scholarships and government aid programs for both local and international students wanting to study in Poland.

There are scholarships for students from developing countries, merit-based scholarships, and other programs for future leaders. Poland is also a member of the Socrate-Mandus Program. If your country is a member, you will not require a Visa to visit Poland.


7, Delicious Food

Delicious cuisine is part and parcel of Polish culture. Eating healthy and organic food goes to the roots of what makes Poland a great country. Foods like Kielbasa and pierogi are not just healthy but also delectably fulfilling.

The better part of it is organic food is tremendously affordable, and this will come in handy for you as a student on a budget. 


8. A Great Hospitality Destination

Polish culture is enthralled with great hospitality from Polish citizens. As a student, you will get opportunities to enjoy this part of Polish culture, which most people are not able to experience.

For example, if you have any trouble finding accommodation when you visit the country for the first time, you are guaranteed to find a place to rest for a few days. 


9. A Growing Education Sector

The education sector has been expanding with a focus on encouraging international students to apply to universities in Poland.

There are limitless opportunities in science, research, and technology, and the Government has increased funding to enhance the education sector. This is a progressive move and has encouraged more international students to seek education in Poland.  


10. A Great Place for Innovation

Poland is also a great place for tech startups to come up with great innovations.

The Government and the private sector have a positive attitude towards young innovators and have policies that support such talents to reach their full potential.

One way to find this as a tech student is to attend the annual innovation week in Warsaw to interact with potential investors. 


Find Courses in Poland

Whether you are an international student from Asia, Africa, Europe or the Americas, you will have the best experiences as a student in Poland.

This country is one of the best places to study abroad in Europe with a great student life, from scholarships, quality education, affordable tuition, and the amazing Polish culture.

Get the best experience of Poland by applying to one of the top universities in Poland.