Having a hectic job and schedule can leave little or no room for relaxation, and even your average holiday can be stresseful. If you are keen to escape your frenzied lifestyle and are keen for a break with a difference consider a health and fitness travel break.

There are so many unique holidays which offer a great way to relax and unwind, and you can find options for solo travellers, couples and families. You will get to visit somewhere new, get in shape, have fun and come back fully rejuvenated both in the body and mind.

Need some convincing this type of experience is for you? View our top reasons why you should book a fitness break abroad.


1. So Many Destinations

There are lots of places you can go on a fitness holiday and most trips are in sunnier climates or exotic locations around the world.

Popular destinations include France, Portugal, Spain, Mexico, Morocco and Thailand just to name a few!

There are holidays for all budgets, so whether you are looking for a cheap short break or have more time and are open to a long haul destination you will find something and somewhere to match your interests.


2. Lots of Activities

You can find fitness breaks and tours for all levels and abilities, you do not need to be a super professional athelte to book.

There are also lots of sports available including running, walking, jogging, cycling, yoga, pilates, circuit training, weighgain/loss, generally fitness, swimming, surfing, kayaking, tennis and more.  

When you go on a fitness holiday, everything is organised and planned in advance. You will be given a range of games, exercises, and activities to browse and pick from. You can plan their fitness regimen based on what they like or prefer.

For example, if you are very fond of dance, you could go to a dance workshop. For the water sports lovers, they can pick from any activity like swimming, snorkeling or paddle boarding.  However, you need a regular sports system to keep you motivated towards following a healthy lifestyle.


3. Learn About Fitness & Have a Lot of Fun

The prime reason behind the fitness holidays is to get fit, or improve your fitness levels. You will get to enjoy a holiday and get top tips how to stay fit and healthy at the same time whilst taking part in fun games and activities.

These holidays are not boring and you will do far more than your average sunbathing break away. You will also be instructed by experienced staff who can offer tips, advice and help you with training to improve your fitness.


4. Be in the Great Outdoors

This is your chance to get lots of sun! Instead of being cooped up in your office or house in front of a computer, you can be outdoors and explore the areas as well as enjoy the sun.

Take advantage of the numerous benefits as well as get more vitamin D, which is sure to strengthen your bones and immune system.

You can exercise out in the sun and explore what suits your moods and body. This is a great way to spend some time in beautiful surrounds and get fit at the same time. There will be plenty of free time to relax and enjoy your surrounds too.


5. Try New Sports

Fitness holidays offer one the chance to discover something new. Maybe you have always wanted to do a sport or an activity that you have always wanted to try, for example, paddleboarding, yoga, trampoline training, rope training or biking.

You could even dance your way to fitness and can rope in the whole family. Some holidays include hip-hop, samba, salsa lessons or full dance workouts.

All those jumps and twirls, squats and lunges are sure to tone down your body. Many holidays also include access to fitness studios and gyms.


6. Eat Healthy & Delicious Food

What makes those fitness travel holidays so popular is the careful attention to detail which usually includes amazing and healthy food in the price you pay.

Eating healthy doesn’t mean simply getting bland salads and vegetables for your meals, you will be pleasantly surprised at the delicious cuisine you will be served for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Besides that, there are tasty juices and colorful tropical fruits served at all times. The nutritional guidance you get on these holidays keeps you motivated to keep up with a healthier lifestyle.


7. Challenge Yourself

During your fitness holiday, you get the chance to challenge and push yourself. Staff will be on hand to motivate, help and push you to fulfill your potential.

Some programs offer you the chance to set goals and aims which you can try to achieve by the end of your holiday.

Mens Health Magazine also have some great tips to stay healthy on the road. You will feel proud that you have come back from holiday that has made your lifestyle a lot better. 


8. Make New Friends

Fitness holidays are organised in groups and you will get to meet people from all around the world. These experience combine sports with socialising, you will form strong bonds and really get to know other people. You might make friends for life!


9. Discover New Places

Any holiday is a chance to explore somewhere new, and most fitness holidays are in amazing locations like by beaches, rainforests or jungles.

This makes for that perfect combination of improving your fitness and a holiday. In your spare time you will get to book sightseeing activities and create amazing memories.


10. Go Home Rejuvenated

One of the main advantages of fitness vacations are you will go back home feeling completely refreshed. After a short or long break you should be more relaxed, fitter and feel happier. This experience will stay with you for the rest of your life!


Have you ever been on a fitness holiday? Want to recommend a company or share your experience? Leave your feedback in the comments section below.