However, there is something even better than do the usual holiday packages, and one of the most special options is to take a private tour that will open your eyes to a whole new amazing way to travel.


Benefits of Private Tours (vs Group Tours)

  • Flexibility - choose when you want to go and where whilst group tours generally have fixed start dates
  • Explore at your own pace - choose your own itinerary
  • Choose your guide - most private tours have guides so you can see who will be guiding you. Get led by an expert and get all the knowledge you need 
  • Exclusivity - special one-on-one care and assistance
  • Information - your time to ask any questions without others
  • Cost - some private options can be cheaper
  • Choose your group - solo, with friendly or family - without the hassle of having to travel with strangers
  • Tailor made experience - you choose everything and make the trip what you want it to be

Popular Private Tour Options

Do you need some suggestions for the type of trip to book? Here are a few private tours that are a really special experience.


1. Sightseeing

Whether you want to explore a new city in a few hours, or actually spend weeks or longer travelling throughout whole regions, you can find so many private sightseeing trips. There are lots of websites where you can find group tours and private tours usually with local guides who can tell you more about the places you visit and also show you the best locations in a destination. 


2. Aviation Flight

Wherever we go, we usually see the world from one perspective, which is at street level.

Sometimes, we will go up a tall building for some city sightseeing, at a higher altitude. But when you really want to understand a city, a region or a specific location, you need to see it from a bird's eye view. And the way to do so, is to book a private aviation sightseeing flight.

Although it was not so easy to find a private pilot before, an online platform called WINGLY has changed that entirely, by enabling pilots and those who want to explore the world from above, to connect.

On their site, you can find sightseeing flights leaving from popular cities, such as Paris, London and Berlin, but also from smaller locations. People who embark on a sightseeing flight once, usually can't wait to do it all over again, in another part of the world.


3. Yacht Tours

If you want to see the world in luxury, then a private yacht tour will certainly do the trick.

The advantage that you have with a yacht, is that you can prepare the plan of the locations that you would like to visit with the captain, before you meet him at the boarding port. If your tour brings you to cities filled with history, you can even bring a tour guide along, who can enlighten you on how the city grew through time, before he or she takes you to the most important sites to see, in each port of call where you will disembark.

A tour on a private yacht is quite expensive, so it is better to gather a few people that you appreciate, so that you can share the costs. 


4. Wildlife or Safari

There are so many incredible destinations you can go to see animals in Africa. This is the experience of a lifetime to see lions, leopards, elephants and rhinos in their natural habitat, and there are lots of ways to organise the trip. Popular places to go include South Africa, Botswana, Kenya, Tanzania, Thailand, India, Indonesia and Costa Rica - just to name a few.

You could book a group tour of Africa, or go on a safari, but when you choose to go on a private tour into the wilderness, and  benefit from a unique and special experience. This is usually a more luxurious and comfortable style of travel too.

You could hire a safari guide and stay at a luxury wildlife resort, catch a boat trip and to go down rivers, while others will choose a van or another vehicle to discover deserts, forests or other locations in the wild. Some will even do their whole private tour on foot. It all depends on what you want to see, and how you can access these areas. This is the kind of tour from which you can publish a photo book, once you get back home, at least for yourself, your family and close friends. 


Find Your Perfect Private Tour

Private tours are the way to go, when you are looking to create unique memories. Whether you want to see the world from a different angle in the air, hop from one location to another on water, or discover places that few have ever had a chance to see, a private tour will leave you full of beautiful images.