Greece is home to one of the world’s most famous ancient civilizations and when you visit this place, you can be overwhelmed with choice at first.

This article will focus on some of the most beautiful destinations in Greece and how they can be enjoyed by tourists as well as locals.

As a history buff, here are some of the most amzing and must-visit ancient sites in Greece you need to see.


1. Athens

Athens city centre Acropolis in background

Athens is the capital of Greece of one of the most visited destinations in the country. This city is one of the most important places in the ancient Greek empire and so many ruins and temples are still preserved in the city.

Popular places to visit include the world famous Acropolis and the Parthenon temple. Athens is blessed with some of the best museums in Europe including the Acropolis Museum and the National Archaeological Museum - both home to so many ancient artifacts.

Check our these things to know before visiting Athens which will help you to plan the perfect trip.


2. Olympia

Olympia ruins, Greece

Olympia is known as the birthplace of the Olympic games and Olympia theatre is a very ancient Greek sanctuary.

Ancient athletes would train and be tested here however once you scroll through this beautiful complex, you will appreciate more than just the sports arena. The site is filled with standing columns that are secured among beautiful green trees and pathways.

You will also find a series of temples. This location was mainly used as an ancient religious site that was dedicated to Zeus and a few other gods in the pantheon.

During the ancient Olympic game festival, the Olympic theatre was opened to the public by Zeus himself. Roughly 76000 people have visited this site so far.


3. Mystras

Mystras, Greece

Mystras is a town located near ancient Sparta and is also referred to as the town of Myzithras which is a fortified town situated in Peloponnese, in the heart of ancient Greece on what is known as the Mani peninsula.

This town has a beautiful scenic landscape with flowing hills and medieval ruins such as Mycenaean domes and hillsides that are covered in fallen columns of some of the ancient grand temples.

This town surprisingly is still home to ancient buildings that stand tall around Mystras including the 13th-century hilltop fortress built by William II of Villehardouium. You can enjoy flowering gardens and beautiful pathways and shrubs. 


4. Kameiros


The ancient city of Kamiros is home to ancient remains and the vast ruins make up a popular archaeological site located on the Greek island of Rhodes.

This city dates back to the 7th century BC and because of an earthquake, was left almost entirely demolished. If you visit this city today, you can scroll through the remains and find a few columns still standing.

Visiting this ancient city will give you a good sense of how the ancients lived their lives and you can enjoy a gorgeous seascape while visiting the Temple of Athena.


5. Meteora 

Meteora, Greece

Known as the sacred mountains of ancient Greece, Meteora is home to breath-taking hermitages and monasteries perched on top of tall rock pillars in Kalabaka which is the town in Meteora.

You will find many of these monasteries were abandoned following natural disasters, and the few that remain had to be repopulated by monks in the past century.

Many consider the drive to Meteora as one of the most scenic road trips that you can ever take in Northern Greece. Last year, a record 32 million people visited Meteora. 


6. Ancient Corinth

Ancient Corinth

Surrounded by beautiful and lush landscapes, Ancient Corinth is the ruins of an ancient city that locals refer to as Korinthos.

All that’s left of this site are a few Doric columns from the 6th century Apollo temple; however, the beautiful landscape makes the road trip worth it. The Ancient Corinth came crashing down after a huge raid by Ancient Romans who proceeded to enslave its people.

When visiting this location, be sure to check out the Fountain of Peirene which was the primary water source as well as served as the epicenter of the city.


7. Chora

Chora, Greece

Chora is the capital of the island Kea in the Cyclades.

This is the perfect destination for travelers who are looking to visit one of the most beautiful Greek islands and immerse themselves in ancient culture. It’s also perfect because you can easily take the ferry to Kea, which is about an hour away from Athens with tickets that can be booked through LetsFerry’s website.

The architecture of this little village has been influenced by many different cultures, including Byzantine, Ottoman, Venetian, Italian Renaissance, and even neoclassical influences.

Chora has preserved its traditional architecture and old-world charm,  creating a peaceful atmosphere that makes it easy to forget about your daily life. You can visit the Archaeological Museum, The Towers of Tzia, or the impressive stone statue of a lion which is sculptured on a rock - they all are amazing.

Chora was built on top of an ancient city and has plenty of history to explore.  This destination will amaze you, with all the white marble homes mixed along cobblestone streets.


Plan a Historical Break to Greece

Greek is the ultimate holiday destination for history lovers.

In each city, town, and island, you will find ancient ruins, archaeological sites, and museums that allow tourists to learn more about Greece as well as appreciate the country's beautiful historical sites.

When planning your tour to Greece, these historical sites better be on your list of places to visit. There is an abundance of architecture to observe and you are guaranteed to leave feeling inspired.