Starting with the list, making sure you have specifics for your destination, finding the right suitcase and then finding out how to fit it all in!

So… do you pack light but will this risk you being short of stuff whilst you’re away? Or do you pack strong ensuring you have everything but perhaps risking having more than you need or can carry? 

Of course the destination, holiday type and length will all influence these important decisions – but are there any tips that apply across the board? Yes! 



Something that always seems lacking in our suitcase is space. But how do you make the most of it? 

Never forget the old trick; utilise that space in your shoes to fit in extra. Compression packing cubes have also come along way and are now essential for fitting more in. These are often waterproof too so a great companion when heading off on your adventure travels to fit in the tight space of your rucksack. 

The weight of your luggage is also very important with strict guidelines now in place across most airlines – for both the haul luggage and hand luggage.

A luggage scale is therefore a really important tool to save you paying out that extra expense when you get to the airport – nobody likes to be stung with extra expense before a trip! 

However, if you have decided to go for a long holiday where you will need more of your stuff compared to weekend getaways, investing in large size luggage becomes a smart decision. Large size luggage is designed to offer ample space for extended trips and vacations. They typically come in the form of large suitcases or travel duffel bags.

When choosing large luggage, opt for ones with multiple compartments and expandable features to maximize your packing options. Many of these bags also come with compression straps to keep your items secure and compact, even when the bag isn't completely full.


Packing List 

There will always be essentials for the trip – and then essentials that you want for the trip. 

The importance of the packing list can be overlooked by many who feel it may not be for them. However, not only is it a great reminder of the essentials that you need for the trip (this includes your toothbrush and charger) – but it also helps you to rationalise what you actually need to take. 

We are often so worried about leaving something ‘essential’ behind that we fall into the trap of over-packing. Do you actually need 6 different pairs of shoes for your 5 day holiday?

Well you might, depending on the trip planned but it is unlikely and would save you both space and weight to rationalise whether you actually do need it. 


Don’t Forget…

No matter where you are in the world today, you are likely to be able to pick up something you’ve forgotten when you get there – either in the airport or a local town or hotel. 

So although preparation is important and could set the tone for your holiday or tour, getting too bogged down in it can distract you from enjoying the build-up. Like many things in life a good balance will always serve you well.

If you have any helpful tips for packing you would like to share let me know in the comments section below.


By Verity Wootton