Tips to Pack a Carry-On Like a Pro

Tips to Pack a Carry-On Like a Pro

The second you start using solely a carry-on, you would discover a whole new dimension of travel.

Forget about loading everything into a giant suitcase and rolling it around the city to the hotel. With a practical and nifty carry-on, you can easily pack all the essentials and ditch the stress of having a lost luggage and carrying things you won't even use.

Travelling with just a carry-on will save you from having sore muscles and liberate you from any unwanted stress of lost luggage. Even though you would be restricted with the things you are about to pack, it's still utterly possible to pack a carry-on like a pro and have a blast on your travels.


1. Roll your clothes instead of folding

Travelling with a carry-on has become a saver nowadays, as some airline companies tend to delay flights or have your luggage lost, so in this way you ensure you have everything with you at all times. Hence, one of the best ways to ensure you bring as many clothes as needed, instead of folding clothes, try rolling. It would be advisable to pack clothes that don't require much or any ironing such as polyester and quality cotton. Check out a few easy online tutorials on how to roll your clothes to ensure you won't have any wrinkles and you would be able to bring even more items than planned.


2. Pack the essentials wisely

Ensure your luggage meets the airline’s specifications related to size and length, and after you have packed the folded items, see what essentials you can place in your carry-on. In your handbag place the passports, wallet, phone charger, and bottle of water. Most airlines allow 100ml of liquid, this includes toothpaste and perfume, so make sure you check those amenities when packing. Get a practical bag where you can pack all the toiletries and aim to be resourceful and eco-friendly because you can carry just as much. This means that you should be mindful and pack, for instance, reusable face pads, or reusable fabric softener to wash your existing clothes instead of carrying half of your closet, etc.


3. Lay everything out

Quite often it can be more beneficial to place everything out in the open, just as if you were to pack it in a suitcase before you even commence the packing action. Display all the clothes and accessories you want to bring and determine the exact necessity of each item. In most cases, you would definitely need two pairs of shoes, six pairs of underwear and socks, two bottoms, and around four to five shirts and t-shirts. Anything else you would like to bring would be an honest excess. Therefore, once you are able to visualise things neatly, you would have a better insight into the things you can pack.


4. Use packing cubes or compression bags

Packing cubes are amazing little bags that help you squeeze in items, allowing you to fit more things into your carry-on and compression bags push all the air out of your clothes to help you get more space. Both options are great because they don’t take up as much space, on the contrary, they help you pack extra things and by compressing them in special bags like elegantly stacked bricks, you have additional space for souvenirs. If you are a keen and frequent traveller, investing in compression bags or packing cubes is a smart option because they also protect your belongings from possible leaks.


5. Be mindful with shoes

When you are about to pack your carry-on, place your shoes first. No matter the destination, you are never going to need five pairs of shoes, so be mindful. The best piece of advice is to wear your bulkiest shoes to the place in order to save space. If you happen to need another pair of shoes or different types of shoes like sandals or flip-flops, pack them first and make sure they don't take up too much space in your carry-on. To make more room, you can stuff your socks or undies inside your shoes.


6. Leave no room for stress

Chances are that you will forget something, so what? Unless you're travelling to an extremely remote location, don't stress about forgetting a few things. You will surely have the opportunity to shampoo or denim jacket if it gets cold while travelling, just don't make a big deal about not being able to fit things in your carry-on. Depending on the length of your stay, you can leave some stuff behind on your way back to make room for souvenirs.


Not carrying an abundance of stuff on your trip will allow you to maximally enjoy your trip, soak up the environment and focus on gathering experience rather than changing outfits. Follow the above-mentioned tips on how to pack a carry-on and you'll be more flexible and agile on your trips.