And the good news is learning a new language has never been easier.

There are lots of ways to pick up and become fluent in a new language. Most people choose to book language courses or study online, but did you know you can learn a new language with TV shows and movies?

Yes you can really learn a new language by watching tv!


Top Tips 

Here are some recommendations for how to learn a new language by watching tv and movies:

1. Use Lingopie
There are lots of helpful apps and language learning websites which you can utilise to learn a new language. One of our top recommended options is to use the Lingopie platform. Lingopie allows you to watch tv and films in other languages and really helps learners to improve. We have provided more information about Lingopie and the beneifts of using it below.

2. Watch a tv show or movie with subtitles in your target language
Subtitles are great as they allow you to translate what is being spoken in realtime to your language of choice.

3. Pause and stop to write down words you don't understand
One of the great things about modern tv is the ability to pause or stop what is happening at any time. This is really helpful when trying to grasp new words and also listen to different accents.

4. Record and watch again
If you have a film or tv show you really love, be sure to watch it again and see how you progress when you see how much more you understand after watching it more than once. 

5. Breakdown the programme or film and watch segment by segment
Watching a whole tv show or film in one go can be a challenge for anyone, especially when it is not in your native language. Take time to listen to pronunciations and practice.

6. Make it enjoyable
Also make sure you watch something fun which you find enjoyable e.g. a movie by a genre you enjoy. The chances are if you are watching something you like, rather than something boring, you will be keen to study more. If you are unsure what to watch, research popular things to watch in the countries where your preferred language is spoken.


Learn a Language with Lingopie

Do you want to learn a new language? Have you ever heard of Lingopie? If not, you really should.

Lingopie is a streaming platform designed enabling users to learn languages through watching television shows and movies. 

On Lingopie you can find thousands of hours of subtitled content in different language making the whole experience of watching tv educational.

Lingopie makes language learning easy and fun, you can discover a brand new way to become fluent in a new language. Popular languages to study include Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, French, German, Russian, Japanese and Korean.

Learning a new language just by watching tv or films is really possible, especially if you use a platform like Lingopie. Lingopie is perfect for beginners and advanced level language learners.


Do you have any recommendations for studying a new language and becoming fluent? Let us know in the comments section below.