If you are a job seeker looking to move to Spain or apply to work with a Spanish company its vital you put together an amazing application so you stand the best chances of getting hired for vacant positions.

For Spansih recruiters, being the quintessential arbiter of a person's eligibility for new employment, designing 'the' perfect resumes becomes imperative. But creating an ideal resume can be a daunting task, especially for novices just setting their foot in the Spanish job market. The problem escalates when you have to make a resume in a non-English language if you aren't a native Spanish speaker.

Despite being a universal phenomenon, the structures of resumes differ spatially. With more than 500 million native speakers globally, Spanish is a powerful language. Thus, the employment scope for people who have an excellent grasp of Spanish inflates, and they should know how to write a Spanish resume.

If you are applying for a job related to Spanish, let us help you out by providing some useful tips and tricks to create the perfect Spanish resume. 


Structure of Spanish Resumes

While creating the perfect Spanish resume, we recommend that you transcend beyond the simple translation of information and strive to compile a Spanish CV from scratch. To do so, you must consider the differences in the layout, formatting, and specific inclusions of a Spanish resume.

The ideal layout of a Spanish resume is –

  • The rudimentary thumb rule of a Spanish resume is to include all your information within two A4 size pages. It is noteworthy to remember that two pages are acceptable for candidates with long work history, and your aim should be to design your resume as crisp as possible.
  • The margins in standard Spanish resumes measure three cm from the top of the page and 2.5 cm from each side. You should follow this layout if your recruiter does not mention other specifications. 
  • Another crucial element in the layout of a Spanish resume is the inclusion of the applicant's name and other personal details in the resume's header. 


Top Five Things to Include in Your Spanish Resume

In addition to using the Spanish language and following the aforementioned layout elements, you must strengthen the content of your Spanish resume by following the necessary format.

Most recruiters expect a Spanish resume with a professional passport size photo attached. 

Personal Information or Datos Personales
Your Spanish resume should have a dedicated section of personal information wherein you include your contact details such as full name, address, email, phone number, etc. 

Education or Formacion Academica
The second in an ideal Spanish resume is saved for education details, especially in the case of entry-level jobs. Moreover, the education section of your resume must begin with your Spanish language qualification.

Professional Experience or Experiencia Profesional
The third section in your Spanish resume should be about your professional experience, including previous jobs, internships, fellowships, etc. However, make sure to include the experiences that are directly relevant to the position you are 


Working in Spain or Latin America can be a really special experience. The lifetyle, culture, people, language and destinations all make these areas an appealing prospect. Make sure you get your application right before applying to stand the best chances of getting hired.