Considered one of the leading business hubs with a fast-growing economy in Sub-Saharan Africa, it isn’t surprising that more and more industrialists are showing interest in doing business in Kenya.

With the attention that the country has been receiving over the past few years, the government has made the process of getting access into the country a lot easier for businessmen and women, thanks to the Kenyan eVisa Application.

The process of applying for and acquiring the Kenya business visa is straightforward. All you have to do as an eligible candidate is to have all the required documents handy and then apply for the visa in under 10 minutes. That’s how simple the process is.


What are the Requirements for Acquiring a Kenya Business Visa?

Although the application process is pretty simple and straightforward, the candidate must have all the necessary documentation and requirements handy before opening the official portal. Some of the mandatory requirements for the application are:

  • Every part of the application form has to be filled with valid and accurate information.
  • Submit a scanned copy of the passport’s biographical page in the designated section in the application.
  • Upload a passport-sized photograph following all the required guidelines.
  • Provide proof about the objective of getting the business visa. It can include an invitation letter or even a proper copy of their company’s registration.
  • The candidate needs to provide a return ticket or proof of onward travel to be eligible for the visa.


Best Way to Get a Kenya Business Visa

The process of applying for the visa consists of three distinct steps - fill out the application form, pay the fee and receive the confirmation email. This is what happens when you apply for the eVisa. The Embassy of the Republic of Kenya has all the details listed out on their official website, making the process a lot more convenient.

Fill Out the Application Form
The first step to acquiring the visa is to apply for the same via the online portal. The form has all the sections listed out and it is crucial for the applicant to fill out the entire form with accurate information with valid documentation as asked.

Pay the Fee
Once every section of the application form is filled out, the applicant needs to move ahead and pay for the sanction of the eVisa. The payment can either be made online via the multiple available methods or the candidate can pay via a demand draft or cheque. The online payment is mostly done via bank transfer.

Receive Confirmation Email
Once the payment is done and cleared, the candidate will receive a confirmation email about the successful submission of the visa application. Along with the printed copy of the confirmed email, the candidate has to attach all the required documentation and submit the same to the concerned authorities. It is only after verification of all the documents and the eVisa that the candidate’s passport is stamped for further use.


What Can an Individual Do on a Kenyan Business Visa?

If you are confused about the extent of use of the business visa, there are a few important activities that one can indulge in:

  • Participate in business activities, be it with the expansion of one’s own company or a collaboration deal.
  • Visit friends and family residing in Kenya.
  • Explore the beautiful country.
  • The visa is generally valid for 30 days, post which it can be extended first for 2 months and next for 3 months.

It is just at the beginning of the year that the Kenyan Minister of Home Affairs announced that 100% of the approved visa will be done online, making the process of visa on arrival a lot more streamlined than it was before.

The Kenyan business visa is available for 160 nationalities that you can check and then apply. And, in case you are looking to learn more about business opportunities and travel sites in Kenya, here is the best guide for that.


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