In our modern society information and communication technologies, alongside artificial intelligence, automation, and machine learning are used for everything we do, from work and logistics to shopping and entertainment.

One area where technology has been particularly transformational is travel and tourism.

We now explore the world in an entirely different way than we did even a decade ago, and the amount of information that exists about destinations and means of travel is staggering. From booking a cruise to finding the best restaurants in an unknown location, digital technology is a huge boost for travelers.

So what are the best ways to leverage innovation when traveling? What are the biggest advantages of technology when travelling abroad? Read on for for more information about the advantages of technology in tourism and how digital tech has changed the way we explore.


Information and Planning Tools

The internet has connected the world and, in doing so, made it a smaller, more understandable place. The plethora of information and planning tools available to travelers on the internet have made it easier than ever to plan a trip.

It is now possible to find out about any destination in the world with a few clicks, and you can book flights, accommodations, and activities in advance without any trouble at all due to the amount of amazing free travel apps available.

Technology also makes it easier than ever to shop for the best deals, as well as offering price alerts to help you secure bargains. 


GPS and Mapping Tools

While many travelers feel that technology has taken away some of the magic of exploring the world, it is inarguable that digital tools have made finding your way around easier than ever before.

One of the most helpful technological advances for travelers is the ubiquity of GPS and digital maps. It is almost impossible to get lost these days wherever you are in the world (unless you want to!) and you don’t need to rely on expensive physical maps to find your way around an unfamiliar city.

With your smartphone, you have a tour guide in your pocket that can take you everywhere you need to go, and can even recommend attractions and landmarks in the area that you might not otherwise know about!


Social Media

Social media lets you stay connected with friends and family while you are on the road, sharing photos and experiences and staying in touch with loved ones. It is also an invaluable tool for trip planning, with reviews, guides, and recommendations readily available from real people.

You can research a destination on Facebook, X, TikTok and Instagram, join local groups to get authentic recommendations and connect with other travelers. This is particularly useful if you are traveling for an extended period, as it lets you make friends, find a community, and even find places to live!


Online Reviews

Online reviews have given travelers a far greater understanding and context of the places they visit and help them find out about other travelers' experiences at the places they are visiting.

Online reviews give you the ability to get an idea of what to expect before you arrive, avoid places that might be disappointing, and seek out hidden gems that aren’t on the tourist trail.


Now in just minutes you can use a phone in the palm of your hands and do so many things from resarching places to go, to booking a dream trip.

While some travelers find that technology removes some of the mystery and spontaneity of travelling, it has made it far easier to get away for extended periods while remaining in communication with people back home, and even continuing to work remotely!