However, partying always involves costs and some places may require you to lay out a bit more cash if you want to have a good time.

Let's look at some of the most popular European party destinations and what each costs you overall.


1. Saint-Tropez

If you want (and can afford) to party in the real high end, exclusive parts of Europe, then you won’t get much swankier than Saint-Tropez.

A domestic beer here will set you back around £10, with imported ones being even more expensive, while £72 each is the cost of dining at one of its mid-level restaurants.

Saint-Tropez is home to nightclubs like Les Caves du Roy and l’Esquinade, which generally don’t charge for entry, but you have no chance of getting in unless you are dressed in seriously expensive outfits.


2. Frankfurt

Frankfurt Club

This has started to become known as a party city, as well as a business centre, in recent years – and as prices go its not too bad.

The entrance costs for clubs like U60311 and Club 101 range from £8-15, depending on who is actually DJing. Food and drink costs are also very reasonable, with basic food items like bread and eggs costing little more than a pound, while a pint of beer there costs around £2.20.

This all means that Frankfurt is definitely one of the more affordable places to pick for your partying.


3. Monaco

Classified as one of the European Party Hotspots, nightclubs found here include La Rascasse and Black Legend but, again, they will not let just anyone inside. The price of a pint is a bit more reasonable than Saint-Tropez (about £4.50), whilst eating out can cost anything from £15 to £65 a head, depending on the classiness of the restaurant.


4. London

Ministry of Sound London

The UK capital is definitely still one of the places to go for a party, and if you opt for a cheaper restaurant you can eat for about £12 (£55 if you don’t). Beer prices are approximately £4 for both imported and domestic brands. Of course it is nightclubs like Heaven and Ministry of Sound that have given London its party capital reputation, but VIP tickets for the latter cost £50.


5. Sofia

Bulgaria Sofia Bar

This Bulgarian city is one of the cheapest European places to visit for a party, with budget meals available for a maximum of a fiver, and pints of decent local lagers costing less than £2 – even in the pubs and clubs.

The best clubs and pubs will be found at Ulitsa Rakovski and Bulvard Vitosha, and include Yalta and Retro Club Gramophone. This is definitely a good place to consider if you want to have a good time on a budget.

Europe offers many great party destinations and hopefully this guide gives you a clearer idea of the costs.


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