To do this, there are ways that you can streamline the process to make it more efficient for you as a business. Check out these top four tips for large scale hiring.


1. Create an Enticing Advert

Creating a job advert that will pull in as many applicants as possible is a good way to secure a wide variety of talent, and increase brand awareness.

You can create targeted advertisements on recruitment websites like Seasonal Jobs and advertise on social media (this is particularly effective when you’re recruiting young people).

Make sure that the application process is as simple as it can be, with clear links to an application form or portal that applicants can fill in and process easily. 

It is estimated that around 92% of candidates do not finish their applications due to the complexity of the process, so making this procedure as straightforward as possible will help you to get a higher volume of applicants.


2. Have a Rigorous Training Programme

It’s highly likely that you’ll have a large number of employees from all different walks of life and employment experience, so having a consistent and thorough training programme will ensure that your employees all receive the same information and can react accordingly as a team.

You might want to consider factors like first aid training, communication skills, and conflict resolution to be included in your training programme for your camp employees. 

Summer camps are usually full of children from all walks of life from all around the world, so there are bound to be moments of disagreement. 

Training your employees how to deal with these moments will teach them valuable skills, but will also help to maintain a healthy and productive atmosphere around the camp.

You may also want to schedule some team building sessions to forge friendships and bring the team closer together. 


3. Use Recruitment Software

Although the hiring process itself can be an enormous challenge for a recruitment programme this large, using recruitment software can help to mitigate the time you would ordinarily spend on administrative jobs, and can help you to schedule interviews and view CVs and applications with ease.

Software like Oleeo is fully customisable to the needs of your company, meaning that you can craft the best process from start to finish with all the features you need to ensure a successful recruitment drive.

You might want to consider using remote hiring as your employment strategy for a summer camp, as this allows you to interview your candidates face to face, without the need for meeting in person. As with any large scale hiring strategy, there is likely to be a large amount of paperwork, and recruitment software allows you to keep all of that in one place securely.


4. Ensure to Respect and Listen to Your Employees

Although your camp employees will no doubt arrive raring to go, once they’ve worked a few intense weeks in the camp, there’s no doubt they’ll be needing some rest and relaxation time. 

You can organise some team building activities around the day to day camp timetable, but be aware that many employees will also want to catch up with their families over FaceTime, and pursue their own hobbies. Many will also value the opportunity to spend time alone if they are naturally introverted individuals.

You can publicise any team activities or excursions on a shared notice board, with options for free time too. This means that employees can pick and choose how to spend their time in a way that will maximise their wellbeing.


5. Keep Employees in the Loop for the Following Year

If employees enjoy their experience with you, give them the option to easily reapply for their job the following season. This will maximise the efficiency of your hiring programme, and keep a talent pool of known employees on standby. 

Keeping notes about performance and their previous applications within a recruitment portal will enable you to make quick decisions whether to re-hire, and can save time and resources by cutting the recruitment process in half.

To keep employees informed and up to date with your company over the rest of the year, you could start a mailing list or newsletter using websites like CampaignMonitor that encourages interaction and re-application.


Do you have any tips for large scale hiring for a summer camp? Leave your answer in the comments below!