Proper preparation for traveling with children by plane can help you avoid lots of difficulties and ensure that your trip will be pleasant. That is particularly true if you are going to take your kids on a plane for the first time.

Here are some helpful tips on how to enjoy smooth traveling with your children in the sky.



The difference in costs between an economy class seat and upgrading to business or first class is huge. However, it will be far more comfortable and easier when travelling with kids to be in a more spacious yet expensive class. You can try to find discount offers to save some money or just spalsh out and treat yourself.


Be Relaxed

Kids sense the emotional condition of their parents very well. If you are anxious about something, this condition will likely be felt by your children, and they will start to act accordingly. Therefore, it is important to stay calm even if something goes wrong. 


Keep them Entertained

The key to keeping your children from irritating their adult companions and their fellow travelers is to keep them entertained. A sure-fire way to keep them entertained is to keep their attention focused on books and toys. Every parent or every person who has worked closely with a child before knows that there different types of toys suited for every age group.

Babies, for instance, are contented with playing with any object that is shiny, full of colors and makes nice sounds. Rattles, music-makers, blocks that stick together magnetically and pop-up toys are perfect for keeping babies from shrieking with boredom while traveling.

If you are traveling with a toddler, the nice toys that will keep your toddler’s attention are probably things that he or she can squish, stuff or pull apart. Nested boxes and things that can fit into containers are great for entertaining toddlers on the road. Other toys that can work just as well are blankets, stuffed animals and wind-up toys.

Pre-schoolers and grade-school kids can focus on toys that will feed their minds. They are old enough to work on coloring books with stickers and crayons, wipe-off easels, picture books and pop-up books. They will also have a fun time playing with finger puppets, plastic action figures, micro-machines, putty, puzzles or Pokémon cards. Older grade-schoolers can also keep occupied with audio books playing on walkmans.

Older kids are much, much easier to handle because they can keep themselves occupied on their own. They can bring with them real books or comic books, as well as toys like travel-size Monopoly, Snakes-n’-Ladders, Mastermind, Lego or Mastermind. Cards like a regular deck of cards or playing cards like Magic: The Gathering are also great things to pass the time with while traveling.

Simple paper games like Hangman and tic-tac-toe are also great. And then, there is the ever-popular handheld games devices. It seems like you can keep a child entertained for hours on end.


Load a Device with Plenty of Interesting Content

Most kids enjoy watching and interacting with different types of content. You can download lots of great stuff on a single device, such as various puzzles, interesting cartoons, educational videos, and more. 


Explain to Your Children What They Can Expect

It is possible to prepare your children for what to expect. You can use videos about flights and other interesting educational materials. For example, it should not be a problem to find a book with relevant illustrations. 


Bring Snacks

Are there some snacks that your kids enjoy very much? Offering them something tasty could be a good way to make your children happy. Healthy meals would also be popular if you arrange them in a fun way.  


Come Up with a Few Interesting Games

Children easily get bored when they have to wait for something, for example, when standing in line. It would be helpful if you could prepare several interesting ideas on how to kill time. It can simply be recalling all the interesting things seen during the day or playing various games, such as “guess the animal.” 


Don't Panic

Unexpected things may happen, so you should be prepared for them. Also don't be worried about other passengers and their reactions, if they are kind, they will be understanding if you have a child who keeps crying for example. 


Choose Your Airline Carefully

The crew on such airlines has likely been through different situations with kids, so there is nothing that you can surprise them with. Not only may your children get special stuff and attention, but you will likely feel yourself much more confident.