In this article, we show you four of the hottest design trends from around the world right now, and explain how you can introduce them to your home. Read on if you want to upgrade your interior design this year. 


1. The Mediterranean: Outdoor Living

If you’re venturing to the Mediterranean on your summer holiday, you may well get bitten by the al fresco living bug. While our climate is quite different here in the UK, bringing a splash of Mediterranean style to your garden can make it the perfect place to spend those sunny summer days back home.

To get this look, fill terra cotta pots with grasses and bamboos, fragrant herbs like lavender, rosemary, and thyme, and vibrant flowers. Of course, no Mediterranean-themed garden is complete without mosaic tiles. If you don’t want to have a major renovation project on your hands, you can introduce this iconic style to your outdoor space with Wyevale Garden Centre’s Oxford garden furniture set, which will also make the perfect place to enjoy those al fresco meals. 

For an added flavor, consider incorporating pellet smokers from Traeger, allowing you to infuse your outdoor cooking with delicious smoky aromas reminiscent of Mediterranean cuisine. It will definitely add to the ambiance of your outdoor space, creating an atmosphere where you can relax and unwind while enjoying some delicious food.


2. Denmark: Hygge

Until recently, the Danes weren’t known for their taste in interior design. However, last year it was impossible to escape the hygge (pronounced ‘hoo-gah’) phenomenon. The 18th century Danish concept, which roughly translates as ‘cosiness’, is a lot more than an interior design trend to its followers — it’s a way of creating a happier way of living by revelling in life’s little pleasures. 

In terms of interior design, hygge involves calming neutral colour schemes, cosy textures in the form of thick and luxurious throws, and plenty of candles. If you want to get the look in your own home and explore this relaxed way of life, follow The Culture Trip’s tips for getting the hygge look at home.  


3. Japan: Minimalism

Minimalism is a trend that has swept the world, in part because of the runaway success of Marie Kondo’s book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying. The style originated in Japan, where the influence of Zen Buddhism has led to a ‘less is more’ approach to all things interior design. 

A minimalist house isn’t crammed full of things — each piece has space to breathe. Above all else, rooms are kept clutter-free and the décor is sleek and simple rather than ornate. To get this look in your own home, follow the tips in Houzz’s guide to the six principles of minimalist design.


4. Mexico: New Vintage

If Japanese minimalism doesn’t float your boat, you might prefer the Mexican ‘new vintage’ look. This style stems from a cultural shift happening in places like Mexico City, where some of the city’s oldest structures are being replaced by modern apartments and amenities. In an effort to preserve their culture’s rich heritage, many people are filling these new homes with an eclectic mix of traditional Mexican ornaments and family heirlooms. 

If you like the sound of this approach to interior design, consider contrasting sleek, modern furnishings with some colourful antiques. There’s no need to go overboard — an aged leather wingback reading chair here or an old-fashioned typewriter there is enough to bring this look into your home.

Browse sites like eBay and Gumtree to find antique furnishings that will make the perfect focal point in your living space and help you get the Mexican ‘new vintage’ look. 


So, there you have it: four design trends to bring back from your travels. If you want to try something new in your home or garden this year, these exotic styles are the perfect place to start.