Top Tips How to Decorate Your Home Spanish Style

Top Tips How to Decorate Your Home Spanish Style

So, you’ve decided to move to, live or work in Spain? Possibly you've bought or are going to rent a house in Spain with a clay tile roof, stucco walls, and a pretty hallway with small terracotta tiles. You and your family are looking forward to spending many happy hours there. But first you need to decorate it, and since you’re in Spain you want to keep a Spanish flavour throughout.

Here, Mike James - working with Promas Building has provided his best tips and inspiration on how to incorporate a few Spanish décor ideas into your countryside or seaside abode…


Welcome – Bienvenido

There are many characteristics of Spanish style homes that you can easily replicate in your home. An entrance hall with dark wooden beams and large metal chandelier, for example, gives a very traditional Spanish feel. The pictures you hang on the walls should be vivid and bright, and incorporate typical Spanish themes. 

When you’re out browsing for décor items look for antique Spanish pottery and bold, brightly-coloured paintings – bullfights and Spanish matadors are good subjects to seek out. Spanish tapestries make wonderful wall hangings.

A prominent feature of most Spanish homes is decorative wrought iron work. Side table candelabras, ornate wrought iron chandeliers, stairway railings, steel lighting fixtures, and antique-style wall sconces.

The colours used in most Spanish style homes are natural, earthy tones that have a rustic charm and appeal. White or sand-coloured walls with dark wood beams and light brown terracotta-tiled floors. Bright, bold colours – reds, yellows and blues are used to brighten up rooms and Catalina-style tiles in wall art pieces, or used to accent terracotta-tiled floors are great.


Dining Room

You might also like to drape colourful ethnic fabrics on the back of your dining chairs. The dining room could include a traditional Spanish dresser, or dining cupboard (usually in dark wood), and the open shelves could also be draped with coloured fabrics. All of this adds texture and vibrancy in true Mediterranean style. To finish off the room with some rustic flair, why not place bold pieces of hand-painted Spanish pottery on the bare wood dining table.



The kitchen should be place for socialising, so it should be open and expansive, with plenty of seating at a long wooden table, ensuring that there’s more than enough space for friends and neighbours to stop by for tapas or a good old cup of English tea.



Here’s an idea – create a bright yellow bathroom (typically Spanish), and incorporate wooden support beams, or vigas. These are set in the ceiling perpendicular to slender strips of wood called latillas. Dark wooden carved corbels, which you should be able to source, go all the way back to the early Spanish settlers. Corbels support the ceiling beams and add a rustic decorative element to the bathroom.

Beautiful old Talavera multi-coloured tiles on the main sections of the walls are perfect. On the floor, you could go with earthy Saltillo tiles. These warm and environmentally friendly terracotta tiles are a great option, especially in warmer climates. All of these when combined with a vintage, claw-foot bathtub, will make your bathroom truly Spanish in look and feel.



You’re in Spain, where pastel or muted colours in the bedroom give way to dynamic, vibrant hues! Make the room a joy to wake up in by including things like custom-made mirrors hung on bright red or orange walls and traditional Arabe curtains. Throw some colourful thick rugs on the floor, and for lighting why not go with traditional hanging lanterns.

Cover your bedside tables with bold Spanish fabrics and a few antique Spanish silver items.

A weathered chest at the foot of the bed adds rustic charm, and dark iron candlestick lamps with red silk shades will reflect the passion and heat of Spain. Dark wood, arched headboards that resemble old doorway arches are a part of Spanish architecture and make a dramatic statement. 



For the outdoors, why not try a brick or terracotta pathway, a simple water fountain and some statues. Clusters of small palms or olive trees also work well. An outdoor bed, shaded by trees, makes a perfect siesta spot. If not a bed, try using a hammock to achieve a similar affect.

If you have a covered verandah, why not turn it into a warm, inviting outdoor space. Furnish with brightly-coloured chunky chairs and low sofas. You could even build a fireplace so that guests can linger long after the sun has set and enjoy a few more glasses of Spanish red.


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