Many people are desperate to return to pre-pandemic life, and they see Covid vaccine passports as the way to do it. Many people see the passports as a way to open economies by instigating domestic and international travel.

However, the vaccine passports are a much more serious issue requiring deep consideration. The following are some pros of vaccine passports:


What are the Pros of Covid Vaccine Passports

Increased Protection Against the Virus
An advantage of vaccine passports is that they will encourage more people to get vaccinated. The more people get the vaccines, the higher the chance of protection against the deadly virus. The vaccines are not foolproof and do not mean that you will not contract Covid. However, a 75% increase in protection is undoubtedly better than nothing at all. Moreover, the virus is highly contagious, and the more people get vaccinated, countries can achieve higher levels of public safety.

Increase Vaccination Rates
The vaccine passports will increase compliance and get more people vaccinated. Without the vaccine passports, many people have little incentive to get the vaccines. Not to say that an increase in passports will lead to a proportionate increase in vaccinations. The passports will get more people vaccinated, which is better for public health purposes.

Job Prospects
Many people lost their jobs when the pandemic started, and hence many people are in dire financial straits. A significant reason why many people support vaccine passports is that it increases their opportunities to find work. Online jobs are one of the few spheres that have grown since the pandemic.

Many employers will not give work to unvaccinated people and are letting go of employees who refuse to get the vaccine and hence the passport. The ability to obtain gainful employment is a human right and getting covid passports is one way for people to regain some fundamental rights that have been lost due to the pandemic.

Help Businesses
Many businesses closed during the Coronavirus pandemic, with a majority of them closing permanently. Covid vaccine passports are a way to open businesses and get the economy going once more. Many businesses are unable to operate because of the human restrictions caused by the Covid pandemic.

Hospitality, entertainment, and travel are some of the industries that have been massively affected by the pandemic. With Covid vaccine passports, many businesses can reopen because they can only allow customers with proof of vaccination. It will help many people gain back their livelihoods.

Freedom to Travel
Another advantage of covid passports is that they will increase travel across the planet. Many countries essentially shut down their borders with the advent of the pandemic.

No country, especially those devastated by the pandemic, wants more people to come into the country and exacerbate the problem. The covid passports will be proof of vaccination, increasing the chances of safe travel to many countries.

Many people have had their health suffer, both physical and mental, during the pandemic. The covid vaccine passports have the advantage of restoring things to normal where health levels were better.

The lack of human interaction and staying indoors has led to severe mental health issues. The virus has caused serious health issues too. The passports offer an opportunity to improve public health.


Countries Currently Using Covid Vaccine Passports

Many countries implemented the use of covid passports, including:

  • Austria 
  • Barbados            
  • Bahrain 
  • Belize   
  • Bulgaria               
  • China    
  • Croatia 
  • Cyprus 
  • Czech Republic
  • Denmark            
  • Ecuador               
  • El Salvador         
  • Estonia 
  • France 
  • Georgia 
  • Germany            
  • Greece 
  • Grenada             
  • Guatemala         
  • Hungary              
  • Iceland 
  • Ireland 
  • Israel    
  • Italy      
  • Japan   
  • Jordan 
  • Latvia   
  • Lebanon             
  • Lithuania             
  • Maldives             
  • Malta   
  • Montenegro     
  • Morocco
  • Poland 
  • Portugal              
  • Romania             
  • Saudi Arabia      
  • Seychelles          
  • Singapore           
  • Slovakia               
  • Slovenia              
  • Spain    
  • Sweden               
  • Switzerland       
  • Thailand              
  • The Bahamas    
  • Tunisia 
  • Ukraine

Please note this list was from August 2021 and now most countries have lifted restrictions. No one can predict the future variants so it's important to check latest news and travel information before booking your next trip.