Coronavirus: An Update From One World 365

Coronavirus: An Update From One World 365

The Coronavirus has brought the travel industry to a sharp halt, and this period is a challenge to both travellers with the urge to explore and also to local and international companies offering trips and experiences.

We at One World 365 are continuing to work and hoping the situation around the world improves soon.

We understand you might have hesitation about booking a tour, course or program abroad at the moment, but this should stop you from researching a future trip overseas.

There are so many incredible opportunities around the world, from making a difference, to living overseas or learning something new, and we hope COVID-19 doesn't put you off from fulfilling a dream.

Most companies we promote on our website are still operating and taking bookings for late 2020 and also 2021. If you book ahead now you can get some great discounts and also free cancellations. 

Also some experiences like TEFL and language courses can be taken during lockdown, perfect if you are looking to spend your time in quarantine productively.

These pages will help you to search options:

If you have any questions or need any help planning a trip abroad, feel free to contact us or join our new travel forum.

We hope everyone stays stay during this period, and also be positive, the Coronavirus won't last forever, and when it does go, we will continue to be here as the number one directory for travelling, working, volunteering, interning and studying abroad.