Until then, we can still enjoy some fun activities in our city. For instance, a city like Chicago has many interesting attractions that can be great for both group trips with friends and family or team building activities. 

So, if you want to keep the team safely entertained outside the office, here are some of the best things to do in Chicago


1. Try an Escape Room

If you’re looking for a thrilling experience that will help each member of your team showcase their deductive skills and curiosity, an Escape room is a fantastic option!

Luckily, Chicago has plenty of such establishments and every type of team can find an activity to their liking. 

Furthermore, some Escape Room establishments are open to collaborations so you can devise specific scenarios, to best motivate your team and encourage collaboration.

In addition, this activity can also be great for new teams or when two or more teams meet together to work on a larger project. 


2. A Scavenger Hunt

Chicago has many hidden treasures that even people who live there don’t get to experience. So, with a scavenger hunt, you get to shoot two birds with one stone - get your people more in touch with the city and teach them about collaboration and cooperation!

In addition, organizing a scavenger hunt gets everyone out of the office and right into the fun. As an example, you can hide clues at the Field museum or have them take a stroll around the Chicago Loop. 

Overall, the experience will bring everyone closer together as they will operate in an unknown environment and discover each others’ strengths and weaknesses. 


3. Rock Climbing

While not an activity for everyone, rock climbing is quite a challenging adventure!

It’s also an activity that teaches you about energy conservation and distribution, in order to make it to the top and back. This skill could come in handy for employees who have to work long hours or have a particularly difficult task (physical or mental) to accomplish.

The good news is that the Chicago area is rich in rock climbing facilities. Furthermore, the activities are different from one location to another, so you can get quite creative.


4. Try a Chicago Food Tour

Eating at your desk or at the same food stand every day gets boring and depressing. Furthermore, it’s quite a shame to do so in a city where you can actually organize a street food tour!

Use the lunch break of a slow day to take the team on a truly relaxing break that’s rewarded with flavorful foods and amazing conversations. If you know the city and its delicious spots well enough, you can be the leader, but it’s also a great idea to hire the services of a knowledgeable guide (yes, Chicago has food tour guides as well).

For instance, someone who knows the route will probably start downtown, with Bonci Pizza and end the culinary trip with a doughnut from Do-Rite Donuts. This way, you enjoy Chicago’s finest meals!


5. Heat Up the Spirits with Whirly Ball

Who doesn’t like bumper cars? Ask your team members and you’ll learn they’re all be happy to try this childish activity that helps relieve stress and brings up the laughter!

Big or small, we all enjoy this activity because it gets the heart rate up but it doesn’t require any athletic abilities. Now, if you combine bumper cars with lacrosse, you get an activity called Whirly Ball, and people love it!

As a team-building exercise, it’s best to split the group into two teams and have them compete against each other. This way, if anyone holds any resentment towards their colleagues, they get to burn that negative energy in a fun and harmless way. 


6. Take a Fun Class Together

Did you know you can take a class to learn how to brew your own beer? And not just that - as you learn how to mix the ingredients and turn everything into a delicious beverage, you also learn about the history of your favorite blend. 

But it’s not just beer brewing. There are lots of cool classes you can take as a group. Anything from painting to cooking is available, so make sure to keep it diverse. It can be a good idea to ask about each team member’s hobbies and then go to classes for the entire team.

This way, everyone gets to experience and learn the things their colleagues like to do in their free time. 


Overall, Chicago is quite a fun town, and there are many activities that can be turned into team-building opportunities. However, if you want something a bit more interesting and challenging, we also recommend an adventure-filled trip to other destinations in the USA. There are so many different mesmerizing cities and things to do!