Aside from famous attractions like Lincoln Park and Wrigley Field — home of the renowned Chicago Cubs — the Windy City is also littered with plenty of hidden gems and secret spots.

In this blog post, we'll explore ten of Chicago’s best-kept attractions.


1. Garfield Park Conservatory

Garfield Park Conservatory

300 N Central Park Ave

The Garfield Park Conservatory is one of the most beautiful places in Chicago. Here, you can escape the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy the peace and quiet of nature. Home to a variety of plants and flowers, the Conservatory is a great place to take a walk or have a picnic.

With a variety of informative classes and programs offered to the public as well, you can also learn about plants and gardening.


2. Music Box Theatre 

Music Box Theatre 

3733 N Southport Ave

In the center of Chicago, the Music Box Theatre has been entertaining audiences for nearly a century. First opening its doors in 1929, the theater has continuously aired movies ever since. 

The theater is home to the annual Music Box 70mm Film Festival, which shows exclusive screenings of classic movies in 70mm format. The venue also has a newly refurbished lounge and garden, serving specialty cocktails and craft beers to theatergoers and general guests alike. 


3. Bridgeport Art Center

Bridgeport Art Center, Chicago

1200 W 35th St

Bridgeport Art Center is a world-class art center located in the heart of Chicago that’s home to a variety of local artists. The center regularly rotates its exhibition schedule so that there is always something new and exciting to see. As such there aren’t many better places to inspire your creativity and imagination.


4. Richard H. Driehaus Museum

Richard H. Driehaus Museum

40 E Erie St

The Richard H. Driehaus Museum is one of the most unique museums in Chicago. Located in a historic mansion in the city's Near North Side neighborhood, the Driehaus Museum is dedicated to art, architecture, and design.

The museum's collection includes furniture, paintings, sculptures, and more from the Gilded Age. There are also temporary exhibitions showcasing the work of contemporary artists.


5. Maxwell Street Market

Maxwell Street Market, Chicago

800 S Desplaines St

The Maxwell Street Market is one of Chicago's most iconic markets. It has been a city staple for over 100 years. Situated in the Near West Side, the market is a great place to find fresh produce, flowers, and other goods. It's also an ideal spot for people to watch and soak up the vibrant energy of the city.


6. Chicago Cultural Center

Chicago Cultural Center

78 E Washington St

The Chicago Cultural Center is a fascinating attraction that offers a variety of interesting events while giving visitors the opportunity to learn about the arts and culture of Chicago.

Above and beyond providing a front-row seat to the city’s most impressive architecture, numerous activities and resources are also available for residents and visitors alike. This makes the center one of the many reasons why Chicago is such a thriving cultural hub. 


7. Calumet Fisheries

Calumet Fisheries, Chicago

3259 E 95th St

Calumet Fisheries is one of the last remaining smokehouses in Chicago. For nearly a century, they've been perfecting the art of smoking fish. Their secret? A combination of only using natural wood and the finest quality fish, hand-selected from the Great Lakes. The end result is delicious, smoked fish that's full of tantalizing flavor. Plan a visit and see why Anthony Bourdain loved this place.


8. Navy Pier

Navy Pier, Chicago

600 E Grand Ave

Originally built in 1916 as a shipping and recreational facility, Navy Pier is a popular attraction among tourists today.

In addition to all the shops, restaurants, and theaters among other attractions, the pier also has a hidden secret — it’s home to some of the most spectacular views of the city. 

Get on board the iconic Ferris wheel and hold your breath as it approaches the top — unfiltered panorama of Chicago’s city skyline is unlike no other.


9. The Book Cellar

The Book Cellar, Chicago

4736 N Lincoln Ave

The Book Cellar is a unique gem in the heart of Chicago. It’s not just a neighborhood bookshop but a community gathering space where people can come to chat, read, and bond over their love of literature as well.

In its 70-year history, The Book Cellar has been through a lot, but it's still going strong. In fact, it's currently in the midst of a renaissance thanks to a recent wave of support from the local community. This will ensure it continues to give visitors memorable experiences for the foreseeable future.


10. International Museum of Surgical Science

Chicago International Museum of Surgical Science

1524 N Lake Shore Dr

The International Museum of Surgical Science in Chicago is one of the world's most unique museums and one of the more alternative places to see in Chicago. 

Housed in a historic mansion on Lake Shore Drive, the museum contains a vast collection of surgical instruments and artifacts from all over the world. The museum also hosts a selection of educational programs and events, allowing visitors to learn about the history and science of surgery.


Discover the Secrets of Chicago

If you're looking for a city with hidden secrets, amazing architecture, and a rich history, Chicago is well worth the visit. From stunning skylines to charming culture, there's something for everyone in this inviting metropolis. This really is one of the top places to see in the US and before you jet off, take the time to carefully plan your trip to ensure an unforgettable, stress-free adventure.