It's no wonder that thousands of people every year pick up their backpack and set off on journeys all over the global that sometimes last over a year!

The main problem with travelling though is cost. Things can easily add up e.g. flights, transort, accommodation, sightseeing and activities which can eat away at your savings.

The cost of backpacking can differ greatly depending on your choice of destination but the good news is in some countries you can literally travel for months without spending very much.

If you are looking to plan your next adventure and are researching places to visit on a budget then check out our list of some of the cheapest destinations you can go backpacking in the world.


1. Nepal

Nepal trekking

Nepal is one of the top destinations for travellers from all around the world, and for good reason too. Home of the famous Mount Everest, Nepal shares its border with India and Tibet, making it a treasure trove of culture.

For the cheapest deals, look beyond tourist destinations and Kathmandu. Prices of everything drop significantly outside Kathmandu, with transport prices being dirt cheap and roadside lunches that will cost you under a dollar but fuel you for the day’s adventures. Always make sure that you are paying the same price as locals in Nepal, as tourists are often charged up to double the amount that locals would.

A great place to lodge at would be any tea house which offers you three meals a day and a comfortable bed to sleep on for under $20 a day. Nepal is truly the budget backpacker’s dream! 


2. India

Cheapest backpacker destinations - India

Just a stone’s throw away from Nepal is neighbouring India. India is another fantastic, budget-friendly destination that is highly popular with travellers from all over the world. There are a number of student hostels in major cities for those who aren’t fussed about luxuries.

From the Himalayan Mountains to Goa, India is a backpacker’s dream. With entry prices into various monuments such as the Taj Mahal remaining under $15, you’ll be left with enough money to enjoy as many sights and sounds as you fancy. F

ood prices are ridiculously cheap at street side vendors, and you’ll even be able to find quality meals at decent restaurants for under $5. 


3. Cambodia

Cheapest backpacker destinations - Cambodia

Ask almost any backpacker who has travelled to Asia and chances are they’ve travelled through Cambodia.

This is one of the hottest destinations for any backpacker and is the perfect  place for budget-conscious backpackers, and you can look forward to spending no more than $10-20 a day if you’re smart with your purchasing choices.

A land full of glorious temples, markets and exotic islands, Cambodia is a pandora’s box of culture, sights and sounds. You’ll be able to find delicious meals at roadside stores for just a few dollars, and chances are these are some of the best meals you’ll experience in Thailand.


4. Montenegro

Kotor, Montenegro

Croatia has quickly become a top destination for travellers but prices have skyrocketed. If you are keen to visit the Balkans and would like to get vlaue for money you will need go a little off the tourist trail.

Budget backpackers all around the world are now flocking to Montnegro as it is possibly one of the cheapest locations in the European area, and ideal for those who want to venture to see other cheap countries nearby like Bulgaria and Alabania . Montenegro is full of stunning national parks, Roman-era ruins, picturesque coastal towns and delicious food. A

void the tourist regions to also avoid high prices, and instead opt to visit lesser known islands that are way more budget-friendly. Expect to spend between $20-$25 a day in Monenegro, with prices that may rise during the Summer period.

Late Fall and early Spring are some of the best times to travel to Montegegro if you’re truly on a budget, as entrance fees to national parks are often reduced by 50% during off-peak 


5. Nicaragua

Cheap backpacker destinations - Nicaragua

Nicaragua is a budget-friendly country in South America is a wonderland of parties, volcanic peaks and jungle treks. Perfect for those who truly love a jungle adventure, Nicaragua is a place where you can score a room for under $10 a night.

Street food often costs no more than a dollar, and alcohol is priced cheaper than you’ve probably ever seen before. Nicaragua is the perfect destination for a first-time backpacker, as it is easy to get around and people are friendly and helpful wherever you go. It is also a lot cheaper than similar destinations in the region like Costa Rica and Mexico.


6. Bolivia

Cheap backpacker countries - Bolivia

Bolivia is such a wonderful country to experience as a backpacker, local people are very friendly and everything is amazing value for money. This is one of the cheapest countries in South America and you can do tourism activities like seeing the stunning salt flats for low low prices. Accommodation here is also very cheap.


7. Indonesia

Cheap backpacker destinations - Indonesia

Indonesia is a huge country with so many amazing places to visit.

The cities, towns, islands, accommodation and transport are all great value for money.

Bali is the most famous destination which is more expensive than other places but if you venture off the beaten track you get really amazing value.

Those who are looking for a couple of days in luxury can even find beautiful apartments on Airbnb for under $50 a day, making it the perfect option for those travelling in a group. 


8. Turkey

Cappadocia balloons

Turkey is one of the most facsinating and cultural destinations on the planet with ancient ruins, modern cities, friendly people and spectacular sights.

Getting around is very cheap either independently or on an organised tour of Turkey. There are so many amazing places to visit including Istanbul, Cappadocia and the Blue Lagoon.


9. Sri Lanka

Elephants in Sri Lanka

Another Asia destination making our list, Sri Lanka is spectacular and amazing value for money. You can easily get by in Sri Lanka on around $10-$20 per day with accommodation, food and activities at low low prices. There are so many cultural experiences available including the opportunity to volunteer in Sri Lanka where you can help elephants.


10. Argentina

Caminito, Argentina

The Argentinian economy has been really struggling in recent years and this has meant your foreign currency goes a long way here. You can travel to Argentina for the fraction of the price of nearby Brazil, even in large cities like Buenos Aires accommodation costs for hotels and hostels are very low.

Don't leave Argentina without seeing the stunning Foz do Iguazu Waterfalls which is somewhere you must see once in your life.


Other Countries to Consider

If you are you keen to travel the world without breaking your bank account and are in need of other suggestions for places to go? These destinations are also places you can go backpacking on a tight budget:

  • Romania
  • Mexico
  • Georgia
  • Guatemala
  • Armenia
  • Colombia
  • Laos
  • Pakistan
  • Philippines
  • Malaysia
  • Thailand


Plan Your Next Backpacking Adventure

We hope that this article has given you some useful information on some places you can travel to and backpack on a budget; proof that you don’t need a huge bugdet to experience some of the world’s most amazing sights, sounds and cultures. 

If you have any recommendations for countries we have missed off our list let us know in the comments section below.