Lots of travel companies now provide cheap skiing opportunities which is ideal during this difficult cost of living crisis.

To help make your next ski break more affordable we have put together a lsit of some skiing destinations in Europe that are very reasonably priced, and in some cases, a fraction of the price of some of the more well known European destinations.


1. Bansko, Bulgaria

Bansko is located in the Bulgarian mountains, some distance away from the traditional Alps of central Europe. Bansko - and Bulgaria altogether - has received an increase in tourism in recent years, with digital nomads taking to the country’s cheap cost of living and friendly atmosphere.

Bansko happens to be one of the most popular ski resorts in Bulgaria. In the summer, it’s an ultra-cheap haven for expats and nomads, whilst in the winter it boasts 50km of slopes with 14 lifts that attract skiers from around the world. It’s also interesting for experienced skiers to visit somewhere other than the usual alps region, as the Balkan culture has much different food and culture altogether.

Bankso is almost exclusively aimed at intermediate skiers, with 70% red pistes, 20% blue, and only 10% black. A complete novice could get along fine, though, and if they’re quick at picking it up they will have a field day with all the red slopes.


2. Serre-Chevalier, France

Serre-Chevalier is a ski resort in France that is considered to be one of the cheapest in that area. Despite its reasonable price, there is around 250km of slopes - 5 times that of Bansko. This is a large ski resort, particularly given its price point, and the resulting landscapes and unspoiled nature as a result is otherworldly. 

With 100 pistes and 50% being red and 30% being blue, this is ideal for beginners and intermediates.

Of course, incredible food, wine, and fine dining are always on the table when in France. But given its budget price point as a ski resort and high amounts of internationals, there’s diversity in the prices when it comes to entertainment in the evenings. Around 70 restaurants and 20 bars, this is one of the most buzzing resorts you can find.


3. Jasna, Slovakia

Similar to Bansko, Jasna is a small but affordable ski resort that has a lot to say for itself. With 40km of long tracks as well as 23 lifts, it’s an accessible resort that is easy to get along with for beginners. It’s perhaps considered extremely good value for money because the infrastructure is so good.

Slovakia is also an interesting country to be in with very cheap beer prices - an important part of any holiday. There are 39 pistes, of which 40% are red, 25% blue, and 35% black. This makes it perfect for intermediates and advanced skiers just as much as beginners.


Plan Your Affordable European Ski Break Today

The season opens and closes at similar times around Europe. Between November and December is when the season opens in pretty much all of Europe, whilst around Easter time is when it closes. As the above resorts show, affordable skiing is possible and should be spoken about more often.