Collegedunia are looking for Campus Ambassadors to apply to their online internship program in which willing students learn and earn, become the hero of their college, lead a team and facilitate the organization. 

The campaign aims to form a network of like-minded, young enthusiasts across the globe. This internship can be your first step to being a successful leader by grabbing an opportunity on such an extensive placement portal.

The Campus Ambassador Campaign (CAC) is an exclusive opportunity for college students to develop their life skills and gain valuable experience. 



As a Campus Ambassador following would be your roles:

  • Assist in the collection of reviews
  • You would be collecting legitimate reviews meticulously on your college from your friends, classmates, other students and staff through campusurvey.
  • Provide information
  • Sharing admission details, campus pictures, detailing student organizations and their formations, discussing various curricular and co-curricular activities of your college
  • Bring in reviews
  • Providing information such as above of other colleges/universities
  • Share experiences
  • Be required to share your experiences at innumerable curricular as well as co-curricular events you participate in or witness in your college campus.


Requirements & Benefits

During this internship, you would get the exposure and experience of working with It would be very different from the experiences you would have gained as a college student.

Some of the tasks that you would be performing would be contacting prospective students via email and/or social media to form your team, contributing to social media activities, providing feedback, sharing new ideas from the university’s students, generating a weekly report.

To be a part of the internship, you must possess certain skills such as leadership skills, Time Management Skills, Social skills and Communication skills along with being responsible, organized and creative. would certainly give you a learning and memorable experience, empower and groom selected students who will be the face and brand evangelist of the leading student destination site. 

The Campus Ambassador is hired by the company on an internship basis and is rewarded well as well. The rewards include not only cash but also in kind such as certificates, gift vouchers, useful coupons in addition to being a part of India’s largest skill building platform for students.

The rewards shall be granted on the basis of the data provided by the Campus Ambassadors.

  • 10 USD for the review given by the Campus Ambassadors.
  • 20 USD for a personal session with our representative and after providing the required information
  • 5 USD for getting 10 reviews from your friends/family through your reference (you can ask them to add your registered mail id in their review for reference)


Apply Today

This is your chance to intern, learn and earn on such a huge platform, increasing your knowledge, gaining new experiences provides you with an exciting and challenging opportunity to strengthen your leadership skills.

This experience would not only enhance your personality but also add points to your CV and help build your profile socially.

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