But how easy is this to do and what is needed to know before departing? If you are thinking of heading to the West Coast and would like to take the ultimate Californian road-trip that you will never forget our article will help you plan.


1. Why Drive California?

California is incredible with sun, beaches, national parks, world famous tourist destinations and more. There are lots of ways to get around like organised USA tours, bus, train or taxi. But one of the best ways to get around is independently by car. 


2. Research Before Departing

Our first tip on how to enjoy an amazing road tripping experience is to researching using the internet. There are so many useful websites helping you to plan and research anything. Be sure to check rental locations, type of cars, prices, documentation and ID needed, accommodation, reviews, and tips from other travelers - often hidden in blogs and travel diaries across the internet. It's a great way to start your plan.


3. Pack the Essentials

Make sure that you have everything that you need before you leave home. This can mean a lot of things, but it can all come down to knowing how much luggage you will be carrying and having the right place to put it.

Apart form the obvious like clothing, remember to plan and pack for emergencies. Make sure that you have the right tools. You will need a map, compass, map with a compass, and a compass rose. You also need to make sure that you have an emergency kit in your car that has a flashlight and first aid kit and essential food and drink supplies. 


4. Best Places to Visit in California

California is a huge state with so many places you could visit. Try to work out where you will start / finish and then you will be able to make a good stop list of places to go.

These are some epic places we recommend adding to your California itinerary:

  • Los Angeles
  • Sequoia National Park, South Sierra Nevada
  • Griffith Observatory, Los Angeles
  • San Francisco
  • San Diego Old Town And Balboa Park
  • Mono Lake &  Mono County
  • Take in some of the legendary Route 66
  • Lake Tahoe, Sierra Nevada
  • Asilomar State Beach, Monterey Peninsula
  • Temecula, Riverside County
  • Big Bear Lake, San Bernardino County
  • Yosemite National Park, Sierra Nevada Mountains
  • Big Sur
  • Santa Monica Pier & Pacific Park, Los Angeles
  • Redwoods State Park, Humboldt County
  • Marin County, Muir Woods
  • Death Valley National Park

If you would like to plan an even longer epic trip check out our tips for driving the USA.


5. Get Covered

Make sure you have insurance and consider getting an extended auto warranty from a reputable company. It can help prevent huge emergency expenses on your trip. Be sure to check out a company like Olive. 


6. Ask Other Travellers and Locals For Advice

Ask people along your journey for tips and recommendations for where to visit and eat. You will likely encounter lots of local workers and other travellers.


7. Look After Your Health

Try to get lots of rest and sleep as some days can be tiring with long drives. Include exercise, stretching, a bath, or other self care routines. Having a good night's sleep on your journey will help you to relax throughout the day and make the next day easier and more fun.


8. Have the Right Music

Make sure that you have some type of relaxing music along so that you can drive through amazing landscapes with the right sounds.


9. Keep Up to Date

You'll don't want to arrive at attractions that are closed, so plan well ahead of time the many aspects of your trip. Or what the weather will be like the following days. Or if there are any road works or closures. Best to do a quick check before heading out.


10. Keep Family and Friends Updated

It is always recommended to make sure people know where you are going to be and how to contact you. 


All of these tips will help you make your California road trip special. Have you ever been to California? Do you have recommendations to share? Let us know in the comments section below.