There are lots of ways to get from Dubai's airport, to Downtown, hotels, and popular tourist attractions like the Burj Khalifa, Mall of the Emirates, Dubai Mall and the Palm Jumeirah.

View our guide for the best ways to get around Dubai as a tourist.


1. Walking 

Dubai is one of the hottest cities in the world and due to the heat and also the distances, walking around the city is very difficult and not recommended. Most of the popular tourist attractions are also very spread out making walking anywhere in the city a challenge. 


2. Taxi

Taxi is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to navigate Dubai. There are taxis available everywhere and you can either get these on the street, via the phone or you can download an app called RTA Smart Taxi. 

Local taxis in Dubai use a meter and you will be charged by the distance you travel. Prices are generally very affordable, for example, from the airport you can travel to Downtown where most accommodation are located for around USD$20. Peak travel time is usually between 4:00pm and 6:00pm when traffic is generally worse and prices higher. 


3. Rent a Car

Renting a car in Dubai has many advantages. You can visit any sights and beautiful places of the city without reference to the schedule of local transport or a guide. And if you come with a large company, this is a significant saving. In this article we will look at how to rent a car correctly and what you need to know about it.

Documents required to rent a car in Dubai:

  • Passport;
  • Driver's license of the national sample;
  • Credit card;
  • Driver's age and experience.

There are various international companies that have their offices in different countries, or aggregator sites (brokers, dealers) of international companies.

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If you are interested in renting a car, but at the same time you are confused about where to go, search this guide with amazing things to do in Dubai and set an action plan and itinerary for visiting this city. 

Recommendations for choosing a car rental company in Dubai:

  • Compare prices on different sites. However, please note that the currency on these sites may be different. In order to avoid errors in the exchange rate, use one specific currency.
  • If you rent a car from an international company, you should know that the prices for renting a car there are indicated without taking into account basic insurance. This means that you will have to pay for it additionally. The amount of insurance most often makes up the majority of the rental amount, so it is also worth considering. As for aggregator sites, the situation looks somewhat different here: in order to facilitate all the nuances of car rental, sites offer cars with basic insurance already included in the price.
  • To avoid various problems, read reviews. Do not contact the company where there are a lot of negative comments.
  • During holidays or summer, book cars in advance. This will save you time, effort and money when searching for a car, as in the "season" companies usually increase the cost of their services.
  • The more days you rent a car, the lower the cost of the car.
  • While abroad, take into account the fact that a parking space for a car is paid separately. Therefore, if this is important to you, look for a hotel with free parking. 
  • When planning a trip for longer distances, find out if the website or company has mileage limits per day or per week. Since in the future it may cost you additional costs.
  • Plan your trip, route. It may turn out that it will be inconvenient to return the car from another area or city. Therefore, check with the company if there is a possibility of returning the car elsewhere.
  • If you plan to visit different countries, ask if you will need a permit or may need to pay extra for entry into each country?

Rent a car or not, it's up to you. But if you want to make your vacation more flexible, consider renting a car.

A car is your comfort and freedom, since you don't have to think about the schedule of public transports anymore. You can go wherever and whenever you want, stop at any time and in any place.


4. Dubai Metro

One of the quickest and most popular ways to travel around Dubai is the Dubai Metro. This is like a train service which travels overland, allowing you to see some of the most famous locations in the city as you travel.

From the airport you can reach Downtown Dubai for around US$5, this is one of the best ways to visit Dubai on a budget. There are only two lines on the Dubai metro which travel in straight lines so it is very easy to navigate and not get lost.


5. Careem

Careem is a service like Uber where you can book rides online via an app. The cars are generally more luxury than your average Dubai taxi, but prices are also slightly higher, for example a ride from the airport to Downtown is usually around USD$25. Careem is a very fast and efficient way to get go where you want when you want.


6. Tours

Dubai desert safari

Lots of international and local companies offer tours of Dubai taking you to see the highlights of the city. Some offer services include hotel pickup and full day itinerary. You can booking Dubai tours online or on arrival.

There are also sightseeing bus tours which is a very touristy activity, but offers a great way to discover all the highlights and stop off at popular attractions via a hop-on hop-off basis.


7. Water Taxi

Dubai is a city located on water, and one of the most fun ways to get around is via a Water Taxi. You will get to enjoy scenic boat trips with incredible views of the Dubai skyline. This service isn't cheap, or as fast as other options on our list, but it is unique and a special experience as a tourist.