When on the road you're often able to notice the small details of cultural difference, and board games are a great way of not only experiencing those differences, but connecting with the people in those places.

From the UK, to India, to Germany, this article will explore some of the most famous board games from around the world; and be sure to try them on your next trip! 


Chess: India's Ancient Game of Kings

Originating in ancient India, chess has become a timeless classic and possibly the best-known board game in the world. With origins dating back over 2,000 years, chess crops up in records as having been played in India sometimes around its invention.

A game of consideration, strategy and patience, it's a staple of Indian culture. You can experience it for yourself, either casually in a coffee shop, in most Indian homes, or a quick online game on your phone if you're just passing through! 


Mahjong: China's Tile-Based Tradition

China has created many concepts and inventions that shaped the world we live in, but Mahjong is one of their proudest board game exports. This tile-based game has been a staple of Chinese culture for centuries, captivating players with intricate rules and typically beautifully decorated tiles.

As you navigate the board, you slowly decode patterns; Mahjong's popularity stems from a unique blend of skill, strategy, and old fashioned luck. Stopping by a local Mahjong club will show you a Chinese pastime in its prime, but you'll find games of Mahjong being played in bars, cafes and on the streets, too. 


Monopoly: From the Streets of London to Global Domination

No exploration of famous board games would be complete without mentioning Monopoly. Its best-known variant is set in the streets of London, but Monopoly has taken the world by storm, becoming one of the most beloved and iconic board games of all time.

he United Kingdom has a special link to Monopoly, it's estimated that 51% of Britons have played Monopoly at least once in their lives. You'll elicit wry smiles and fond memories from most British people you mention the game to, and can spot it on the shelf of many a British home. 

If you needed more proof that you're in a country of Monopoly fanatics, in the heart of London, you can find Monopoly Life-Sized. It's exactly what you think. Participants strap game piece-styled hats on, and play the game itself, on a human scale. Or check out Top Hat restaurant, also in London, where you can dine on menu items named after properties on the board.

The classic Monopoly experience has existed for so long, it’s no wonder the game has begun to evolve a little. One variation is the

Monopoly casino experience, which offers great international appeal, bonding a shared love for card games and games of chance, with the familiarity with the Monopoly brand that so many people have.

Combining elements of chance and strategy, the monopoly casino provides players with the opportunity to test their strategy, connect with communities and compete for monetary rewards. 


Settlers of Catan: Germany's Strategic Success

Germany is something of a board game mecca, having grown a depe passion for board games as a pasttime, hobby, competition and menas of connection. The German game, Settlers of Catan, is a great demonstration of that.

The award-winning game is uniquely designed. You set sail to the fictional island of Catan, where players compete to build settlements, trade resources, and expand their territories.

It's a blend of luck, negotiation, and strategic planning, and has gained a devoted following worldwide. Don't expect to win against a German out there, but certainly have a go at the game if you can. 


What are Your Favourite Board Games?

Board games have the remarkable ability to bridge gaps, connect people, and create memorable experiences.

Whether you're exploring the ancient strategies of chess in India, decoding the intricate tiles of Mahjong in China, building your empire in Monopoly across the globe, or strategizing your settlements in Settlers of Catan, every country has a special bond to their board games.

If you're hoping to make new friends, spice up your travel time or simply experience the culture in a new way, try a board game on your next exploit - and, of course, best of luck!

Be sure to let us know your favourites in the comments section below.