Yet, it can also bring certain challenges, especially regarding safety. Luckily, platforms like TikTok, where users often gain popularity by buying TikTok likes, offer valuable information and tips from experienced solo travelers.

So, here are the top 5 TikTok accounts you should follow before embarking on your solo journey.


1. @oliviacicchelli - For the Thrifty and Adventurous Women

First on our list is Olivia Cicchelli, an inspiring account dedicated to solo female travelers on a budget.

Her videos offer not only unique travel destinations but also creative ways to save money while experiencing the world. Olivia shows us that traveling doesn't always have to burn a hole in our pockets, and it's possible to explore enchanting places affordably.

Following her account feels like having a travel-savvy friend, always ready to drop some not-so-obvious budget travel tips.


2. @worldoflust - A Dream Catalogue for Wanderlust

If you're unsure of where to start or looking for your next destination, World of Lust is your one-stop shop. This account paints a picture of diverse locations, unique hotels, and must-see attractions around the globe.

Here you'll find the less-known details about places, steering away from typical tourist traps and offering insights into hidden gems and local spots. By following this account, you're broadening your global perspective and enriching your solo travel planning process.


3. @madisonbrookstravel - A Legal and Essentials Companion

Traveling solo does not just entail fun and adventure; it's also about being prepared. Madison Brooks Travel shines a light on the legal aspects and travel essentials often overlooked by many travelers.

From visa procedures to navigating healthcare abroad, Madison provides vital information that can save you from potential inconveniences. She emphasizes the importance of packing wisely, and her checklist goes beyond clothes and toiletries.

With Madison, you're packing knowledge, readiness, and safety, alongside your travel essentials.


4. @krodcollective - Your Safety Guide on the Go

Kim from Krod Collective is a trusted companion when it comes to safety and planning. Her comprehensive safety tips series covers different aspects of solo travel, from staying safe in a new city to avoiding common tourist scams.

Moreover, Kim’s account offers detailed guides and templates for planning your travel itinerary. So, by the time you're ready to embark on your adventure, you'll have a well-laid plan fortified with safety measures, thanks to @krodcollective.


5. @louisetruman - An Advocate for Solo Travel Safety

Finally, we have Louise Truman, who focuses heavily on safety. Her safety tips series is a must-watch for all solo travelers, especially for those embarking on their first solo journey.

She shares general tips and provides gender-specific safety advice, which can be invaluable in certain destinations. Louise instills confidence in her followers, assuring them that they can enjoy a safe and enriching solo travel experience with the right knowledge and precautions.


There are so many amazing travel bloggers but with these five TikTok accounts in your corner, you'll feel more prepared, informed, and confident about your solo travels.

So go ahead, plan that trip, share your adventures, and remember to stay safe while you soak in the beauty of this diverse world.