Best Travel Bloggers in the World in 2023

Best Travel Bloggers in the World in 2023

Everyone dreams of travelling the world right? Well, for some people it is actually a full time job, sharing updates, tips, experiences, photos and videos from destinations all around the world.

In this social media age of Wordpress, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter there are now thousands of ‘influencers’, ‘writers’, ‘travel content creators’ - or simply - 'bloggers'. But with so many bloggers, especially in the travel industry knowing which ones are best to follow can be difficult.

We've seen online lists of the top 50 and 100 travel blogs, but in our guide we highlight just a few of the best travel bloggers from around the world that you should be following. They can open your eyes to the world and also help you to plan epic trips.

Check out our guide to the best travel blogs you need to check out.  


1. Nomadic Matt

Matthew Kepnes also known as Nomadic Matt is one of the most established travel bloggers on the planet, with a popular blog highlighting his world trips. Matt was born in Boston and up until the age of 23 he had never left the United States, but his first trip overseas ignited his wanderlust and he has now been all over the world!

His blog is very personable, as well as sharing recommendations he shares information about his friendships, family and lovelife. If you are planning to travel solo, or on a budget, Matt's articles will be helpful to you. Matt also has a huge following on social media too, we love the inspiring travel quotes he regularly shares.


2. The Broke Backpacker

Are you looking to go backpacking? The Broke Backpacker is an amazing site to check out. Will Hatton, the British traveller who started the Broke Backpacker has been lucky to visit so many countries and on his site you can get some many travel tips from how to cheap with little money to what to pack and the best hostels to stay around the world. We especially like his guides for the best hostels to stay - there is so much information!


3. Gabi Travels

Gabi is a Brazilian travel blogger with a really easy to navigate site. Gabi shares updates on her trips, food and drink, family travel and you can read hundreds of articles on her travel blog. There are so many useful tips on her destination travel guides too, from countries to cities to islands.


4. Adventure In You

Tom and Anna, the couple team behind Adventure In You have put together one of the most popular and visited travel blogs in the world. They have been travelling the world for more than 10 years and share their advice for how you can too. Articles are really indepth packing with information. The Adventure In You blog receives a staggering 500,000 visitors per month!


5. Vicky Flip Flop

Vicky is a UK travel blogger who has been to over 70 countries! Find lots of tips for wellbeing, road trips, festivals and more recently advice for travelling with a baby. Vicky Flip Flop isn't as as extensive as some of the blogs featured above, but there are tons of helpful articles and Vicky herself is really likeable. As well as her blog, she also has a Podcast and YouTube channel.


5. Inspire Your Trip

Do you want to travel the world? Need ideas for things to do? Inspire Your Trip will appeal to you. This site features hundreds of articles helping to ignite wanderlust and find places to go. This is a more general travel blog, with articles ranging from the best luxury hotels in the world, best places to eat at Disney, to top scuba diving spots on the planet.


6. Gap Year World

If you are thinking about taking a gap year, Gap Year World have an excellent gap year blog with so many ideas for things to do and places to go. You can get help with planning the ultimate gap year or backpacking trip, what to pack, where to go, top rated companies and trips, and advice how to book an epic adventure.


7. Indigo Traveler

Indigo Traveller (Nick from New Zealand) is a popular Youtuber who visits destinations most travel blogger wouldn't dare go. Think some of the most dangerous places in the world where tourists are rarely seen, including countries like Haiti, South Sudan, North Korea, Venezuela, Afghanistan, Syria and Somalia - just to name a few. Nick's videos are really eye opening to the harsh reality of the world for millions of people.


Do you have any favourite travel bloggers you would like to recommend? Let us know in the comments section below. Or if you like the idea of making our list check out our top tips how to start a travel blog or tips how to become a popular travel blogger.