With so many amazing destinations in the United States, Southfield usually isn't somewhere you will see mentioned.

But Southfield is a really great place and if you are currently thinking about moving to Southfield or are visiting soon for leisure or business, you might be curious about how you can maximize your fun.

Summer is one of the most popular times of the year to visit, but there are lots of options to keep you entertained all year round and lots are free or very affordable.

Here is our list of some of the top things to do in Southfield.


1. Pebble Creek Park

Pebble Creek Park, Southfield, MI

26175-26389 American Dr, Southfield, MI 48034

Ideal for families and when the weather is good, Pebble Creek Park is an oasis where you can escape the hustle and bustle of busy normal life. Expect parks with tennis courts, a soccer field, large picnic shelter, trail & playground. This is a great park to relax, go walking, do outdoor sports or enjoy a picnic.


2. Park West Gallery

Park West Gallery, Southfield, MI

29469 Northwestern Hwy, Southfield, MI 48034

Taking in a bit of culture can be another wonderful way to experience what Southfield has to offer. The Park West Gallery might be ideal to bring you in contact with a plethora of classic and modern art.

The gallery itself houses a number of different works at any given time and has been known to feature paintings and creations by local artists. The people working at the gallery also have extensive knowledge of art and what it takes to collect art in a practical and successful way. 

The most exciting draw of Park West Gallery art, however, is the auction experience. Viewing beautiful images can be satisfying, but it is much more thrilling to bid on a piece of art that you can take home at the end of the day.

Explore the gallery’s upcoming schedule of events to get a feel for the next auction. Familiarize yourself with the pieces being featured in advance and see how you feel about this unique type of experience. 


3. Detroit Kid City

Detroit Kid City

37051 Southbound Gratiot Ave, Clinton Twp, MI 48036

If you are travelling with children, then Detroit Kid City is an amazing place to spend a day. This is one of Detroit's most Popular family attraction with activities, events, an educational indoor play cafe, food and more.


4. Beech Woods Golf Course

Golf tee

22202 Beech Rd, Southfield, MI, 48034

When the weather is warm and sunny, you probably want to spend a bit of your time outdoors. Getting out of the house can help you truly take advantage of the season.

If you’re the type of person who enjoys engaging in a bit of friendly competition, consider playing a round of golf at the Beech Woods Golf Course. The course offers challenges to players new and old alike, allowing for a fun game on a range that showcases dozens of gorgeous views. 

While Beech Woods can be a great option to consider, be sure to check the weather before making any plans. Heavy rain has been known to close the course temporarily due to flooding and issues with irrigation.

If the weather is bad, be sure to call the course and make sure that everything is up and running before you head out. 


5. Great Lakes Culinary Center

Cookery class

24101 W Nine Mile Rd, Southfield, MI 48033

You’re never too old to take a class and learn something new. If you and your significant other are looking for a fun activity to do together this season, you might want to check out the Great Lakes Culinary Center.

From large events to intimate classes, this institute has been known to feature some amazing culinary professionals. The classes are fantastic and the grounds are even more impressive, with a garden that is so picturesque that it is frequently used to host weddings and corporate gatherings. 

You don’t need to wander the world to go on a vacation that you will remember. There are plenty of ways for you to have fun by sticking close to home.

The town where you live can offer plenty of interesting options for you to consider when you’re looking for a bit of excitement. Explore the choices before you and see what exciting excursions await you this season.


6. Irene's Myomassology Institute

Irene's Myomassology Institute

26061 Franklin Rd, Southfield, MI 48033

Irene's Myomassology Institute is a prestigious Michigan Massage School, offering massages, yoga and also education courses helping you to start a successful career. Whether you fancy a yoga class, or would like to become a masseusse, Irene's Myomassology Institute is the place to go.


7. Explore Detroit

Campus Martius Park, Detroit

Detroit is only located around 20 minutes away from central Southfield and so why not combine visiting both locations in the same trip!

Detroit is a much bigger city than Southfield and there are so many museums, parks, cafes, restaurants, bars and clubs to check out. In the surrounding areas of the city there are also so many spectacular locations for hiking, biking, or fishing.


Plan a Trip to Southfield

Hopefully our list of great things to do in Southfield has given you some inspiration, now go explore this city for yourself.