If you are like sports, like the outdoors and love beach and the ocean then surfing may be just your calling.

Surfers travel the world in search of the ‘perfect’ waves with popular destinations including Hawaii, Portugal, Australia and Indonesia - just to name a few of the amazing places you can go surfing.

Not much compares to being able to enjoy the thrill that comes with riding the water crest with the danger of being consumed by a wave and the power of mother nature. This is an adrenalin rush that you never tire of.

Whether you are totally new to surfing and looking to learn, or already a pro, you really need to consider embarking on a truly remarkable tour of the beautiful country that is Morocco which has some of the best surfing spots in the world.


Reasons to Visit Morocco

Need some convincing this should be your next destination? Here is why you should go: 

  • Great value for money on accommodation, tourism, sightseeing and activities
  • So many destinations from bustling cities, to mountain treks to some of the most picturesq beaches in Africa  
  • Morocco is a safe destination and very few foreigners experience any problems
  • Experience a totally new culture
  • Try some of the tastiest foods in the world
  • Beautiful nature and beaches which are relatively untouched
  • Friendly local people


Getting to Morocco

Getting to Morocco is easy and there are several ways to travel.

Airlines that fly to Morocco for European and international destinations include: Ryanair, Etihad Airways, Royal Air Maroc, Lufthansa, EasyJet, British Airways, Air Arabia Maroc, Saudia and TAP Portugal. The average flight time between United Kingdom and Rabat (Morocco's capital), is 3 hours. 

Or for the ultimate road trip you could take the ferry to Morocco from Spain with your vehicle on board will be the holiday of a lifetime.


Top Rated Surf Destinations in Morocco

When headed to a new destination the last thing you want is to miss out on the top spots to see what the country is best known for, and in this case, Morocco surf spots are one of the main highlights of the country.

We have curated the perfect list to help you discover the best places to go surfing with what to expect in each location, and tips for how to have a fully immersive experience that will enhance your trip.

Let’s dive right in so you can find out all there is about beautiful Morocco and its picturesque coastline along the Atlantic Ocean. 


1. Taghazout


With great waves and surf opportunities year-round Taghazout is easiy one of the best locations to go surfing in Morocco. This quaint fishing village is only 30 minutes’ drive North of Agadir and offers equal opportunities for surfers of all skill levels from beginner to seasoned sun worshippers with various points along its coast to catch the perfect wave.

If you enjoy a thrill and are a pro surfer then check out Killer Point and Anchor Point for waves that are not for the faint-hearted. Or if you are a newbie to the sport you want to hit Banana Point for a little easier places to surf.


2. Imsouane

Surfers Imsouane, Morocco

As you leave Agadir and head an hour and a half along the coast to Imasoune you will be greeted by 2 main surf spots that have every kind of wave you’re looking for. Cathedral is the place to be for waves that are low and fast, and The Bay has longer waves perfect for practice and ideal for beginners.

We love The Bay because it has some of the longest waves on the continent and offers surfers the longest ride from one side of the bay to the other. Cathedral, on the other hand, is for those more familiar with surfing with swells reaching 1.5m and the occasional barrel.


3. Sidi Kaouki

Sidi Kaouki

Sidi Kaouki is a great destination if you want a more laid-back vibe with small cafes and restaurants offering local cuisine and plenty of surf schools to help get you on your way with lessons or equipment. Sure, the water is a little chillier than what you’d expect compared to the Mediterranean but once you’re in the ocean you soon forget about it.

We like Sidi Kaouki because it has something for everyone. You can relax on the beach away from the crowds while the rest of your traveling party enjoys the surf with soft waves that are easy to ride and manageable even for beginners. 


4. Essaouira

Essaouiram, Morocco, beach, surfer

Commonly known as the ‘Windy City of Africa,’ Essaouira is a port city not far from Sidi Kaouki. Because of the sporadic gusts of wind that come in from the Sahara, it can play tricks with the waves, so not a spot recommended for newbies, it is however a prime spot for kite-surfing which has become increasingly popular.

Consider this stop a more cultural experience opting for homemade tagine, local craft stores, and a dose of surfing to round it up. 


5. Mirleft


If you come to surf in Mirleft you will not be disappointed. Surf schools offer lessons daily, at good rates, and you can head to the local restaurant right next to the surf school to have lunch after working up an appetite in the water.

The waves are not the most highly rated in Morocco but perfect for surfers looking for an uncrowded spot to simply be at one with the water. 


Plan Your Surf Trip to Morocco

Hopping into your van, grabbing your road trip snacks and curated music playlist, you could well be on your way to discovering why Moroccan surf spots are so highly sought-after and traveled to.

Now that you are equipped with where the best surfing destinations are in Morocco, book the Moroccan surf holiday you have always wanted and make those dreams of surfing a reality. You could plan a trip independently, book a tour of Morocco or book a surf package. 

Also before departing you might also like to view some important phrases to know before visiting Morocco.