Surf Camps & Surf Holidays in Morocco

Morocco has year round surf and sunny weather. You will fall in love the Morocco's surfing beaches and towns like Taghazout which is becoming an increasingly popular destination. Morocco is an ideal country to go surfing with beaches and packages for all levels and abilities. 


Surf Schools, Lessons & Packages in Morocco

Morocco Surf Camps

Top Reasons to Learn to Surf in Morocco

  • Beautiful beaches most of which are not heaving with tourists
  • Warm climate all year round
  • Cheap packages
  • Sample the tasty local cuisine
  • Discover a different country/culture


Book a Surf Package in Morocco

If you love surfing and are looking for a new destination consider Morocco. This country has tasty food, culture, cities, beaches, resorts and is also one of the best surfing destinations in the world. Morocco is often overlooked with people traditionally choosing to surf in Portugal or Spain but this is now changing due to the great value surf packages which are available.


Best Places to Go Surfing in Morocco

  1. Essaouira
  2. Taghazout/Tamraht
  3. Safi
  4. Dakhla



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