Not only can you experience the excitement of diving these popular locations, but you can also fully embrace the surrounding beauty of the Caribbean waters. Now is the time to book a trip that will create wonderful memories for a lifetime.

Keep reading to find out the best places to find sites in this area of the world. 


1. Barbados

Barbados was a hotspot for shipwrecks hundreds of years ago, and there are a few different wrecks to explore here.

The Eillon wreck in Carlisle Bay provides the deep-water adventure you crave. This boat once carried contraband cargo but was sunk in 1996. It's now home to plenty of tropical fish and plants and provides a great destination for divers.

Lots of Barbados dive resorts and centers offer wonderful trips for divers of all abilities to visit the best dive locations in Barbados. 


2. Bonaire

Bonaire is a wonderful place to see amazing shipwrecks while scuba diving. One of the most sought-after diving sights is that of the Hilma Hooker. It's been resting at the bottom of the sea since the early 1980s.

This ship once carried contraband cargo and was sunk in an area that straddles two large coral reefs. You can go diving here to experience the diverse underwater landscape and native aquatic creatures while also exploring the ship itself. 


3. Honduras

Honduras is a destination with plenty of shipwreck diving opportunities. Perhaps the most notable is the Odyssey. This boat sank in 2002 and is now home to many fish and sea life species. It's approximately 300 feet long and makes for an exciting diving excursion easily accessible from the mainland.

This ship is located near Roatan and is a great spot to take a vacation and soak up the sights. Honduras is known for its diverse culture and amazing food, so there's plenty to do on the mainland when you aren't exploring the underwater world including seeing ancient Mayan temples.

View our guide to the best dive centers in Honduras.


4. Grand Cayman

Grand Cayman is a popular destination for scuba diving enthusiasts. It's also home to the Kittiwake, a submarine built in 1945. It's unique and one of the most sought-after in the area. It was responsible for the retrieval of the black box from the space shuttle Challenger, which exploded off the coast of Florida in 1986. After many years of active duty, the sub was sunk in 2011.

Now it is the perfect backdrop for seeing many types of fish and sea life that are unique to the Caribbean. It's also easy to find and has plenty of natural light available to make it an easy dive to enjoy. While you're in Grand Cayman, you can also easily find some great accommodations and incredible food, making it the perfect destination for diving enthusiasts. 


5. Florida

Florida has seen many shipwrecks over hundreds of years, and several are ideal for exploring - especially those close to the shore. There is a popular diving trail in the area that allows you to explore multiple sights in a single day for a large-scale adventure.

Florida is also a convenient location for people wanting to mix a dive trip with a sightseeing holiday and take advantage of all this state has to offer. There are plenty of great accommodation options, tons of charter tours designed specifically for diving and also fishing trips in Florida


6. Cozumel

Cozumel has many sites where you can explore various sunken ships from over the last several centuries.

 One must-see site for diving enthusiasts is the Felipe Xicotencatl. This ship was originally part of the US Navy fleet but was sold to Mexico after several decades of service. The wreck is located in approximately 80 feet of water.

It's location was purposely selected to create an underwater feature for visitors. Divers can explore most of the compartments of the ship while also enjoying the adjacent landscape and marine life. It's the perfect activity when you're visiting this spectacular area of Mexico.

Be sure to inquire whether your Mexico dive resort offers tours or charters as part of your activity packages.


Plan Your Caribbean Dive Adventure

Whether you want to go alone or bring someone special, these locations have plenty of great diving and underwater shipwrecks.

Be sure to book your excursion months in advance, however. These tours and boat charters fill up quickly in some locations. It's also best to inquire whether you can bring any equipment or if you must rent your gear when you arrive at your destination.

Always book your charter with a reputable company that's known for taking safety seriously and striving to offer the best experience. You may even consider visiting multiple locations over a period of days in areas where there are many five sights.