Are you thinking about planning an unforgetable road trip adventure? There are so many destinations. You could explore hidden gems in the Midwest, iconic landmarks on Route 66, or serene coastal roads. Every mile unveils a new story to tell.


Essential Gear for Your Journey

Embarking on a road trip requires thorough preparation. Stocking up on essential gear can make all the difference. Start with a reliable toolkit and spare tire; breakdowns can happen anytime, anywhere. Pack extra fluids like engine oil and coolant to keep your vehicle running smoothly. 

Consider genuine and aftermarket GMC parts & accessories for optimal performance, especially if you're driving a GMC vehicle. These components enhance safety and comfort during long drives. Brands like AutoNation provide an extensive selection of auto parts by year, ensuring compatibility with your specific model.

Don't forget first-aid kits, portable chargers, and emergency blankets - simple items that prove invaluable in unexpected situations (better safe than sorry).

Now here are some of the most incredibe roads to drive in the United States.


1. Route 66: America's Highway of Dreams

Route 66 road

The legendary Route 66 encapsulates the essence of the American spirit - a beacon for explorers and dreamers alike. Its expansive reach from Chicago to Santa Monica threads through varying sceneries and reflects a rich cultural tapestry. Begin your odyssey in Illinois, greeted by quaint towns that embody the heart of Americana. 

As you make your way westward, observe the transformation from the vast plains of Oklahoma to Arizona’s vivid desert. Attractions like Cadillac Ranch in Texas and Petrified Forest National Park in Arizona serve as vibrant hallmarks of Route 66’s unique allure.

Scattered with museums, this venerable road invites history buffs to delve into its profound narrative. Are you enticed by vintage neon and warm welcomes? Along Route 66, discover an array of diners and motels that bring to life the quintessential American road trip experience.


2. Pacific Coast Highway: A Coastal Odyssey

California State Route 1, the Pacific Coast road trip, weaves a path of stunning coastal vistas. The journey begins in the sunlit realms of Southern California, guiding travelers through charming seaside hamlets and alongside towering cliffs. 

Venture northward and Big Sur's robust redwoods stand sentinel along the frothy Pacific edge. Notable landmarks like Hearst Castle and Bixby Creek Bridge mark your progress with their enduring legacies. Delve into the local scene at Monterey's Cannery Row or relish the bustling Santa Cruz boardwalk.

Each curve along the Pacific Coast Highway offers a frame-worthy spectacle, a haven for those chasing expansive sea scenes and peaceful coastal backdrops.


3. The Overseas Highway: Florida

The Overseas Highway is a 113-mile (181.9 km) highway from mainland Florida to the Florida Keys and Key West. This is one of the most scenic roads to drive in the world with spectacular ocean views.


4. Blue Ridge Parkway: Mountain Majesty

Blue Ridge Parkway

The Blue Ridge Parkway arcs over Virginia and North Carolina, binding the Appalachian majesty. This celebrated drive, famed for spellbinding views and rich natural diversity, connects Shenandoah National Park with the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. 

The parkway's route offers expansive scenes of undulating hillsides and lush woodland canopies. Noteworthy waypoints such as Mabry Mill exude historical significance, while Linville Falls and Craggy Gardens entice with natural splendor and trails ripe for exploration.

Many opt to journey during fall to witness the tapestry of autumn hues. The Blue Ridge Parkway lures those in pursuit of tranquility, be it through charming hamlets or from quiet overlooks offering pastoral repose.


5. Great River Road: The Mississippi's Path

Mississippi river sunset

The Great River Road runs parallel to the Mississippi River, cutting through ten states from Minnesota's northern forests to Louisiana’s delta. It’s a journey marked by both natural wonders and cultural landmarks. 

Your adventure starts where the Mississippi whispers as a stream in Minnesota's serene landscapes. Traveling south, it broadens into the backbone of America’s rural expanse. Encounter diverse highlights like Dubuque's riverside museum and the pulse of Memphis’s music world.

Dotting this route are historic river towns with their own tales and tastes. Adventures range from leisurely paddlewheel excursions to vibrant ecosystems alive with wildlife, making the Great River Road a mosaic of ever-evolving American scenery and narratives.


6. Going-to-the-Sun Road: Montana's Highroad Spectacle

Glacier National Park Montana

Montana’s jewel, the Going-to-the-Sun Road in Glacier National Park, unfolds over 50 miles of untamed alpine terrain. This route captivates with expansive vistas and the thrill of mountain switchbacks. 

Set out from the shores of Lake McDonald with its crystalline depths. Ascending the path rewards with sights like Logan Pass, alive with native fauna against a canvas of expansive landscapes. The Weeping Wall is a noteworthy spectacle, with water streaming over cliff sides.

It’s more than just a drive; it’s an invitation to connect with nature through accessible trails. Experience Going-to-the-Sun Road and witness wild America at its most profound.


7. US-50 Nevada: Embracing Solitude on the Loneliest Road

US-50 Nevada

Termed the Loneliest Road in America, US-50 carves a path through Nevada's solemn desert expanse. It stretches between Ely and Carson City, providing a space of isolated splendor.

Kick-off in Ely, where echoes of history line the streets, then embark west. Traverse Great Basin National Park to witness ancient pines and sweeping desert canvas. Visit mining relics in towns like Austin and Eureka. 

Though solitary, US-50 is dotted with unexpected treasures - rolling sand dunes, remnants of old settlements - a journey that speaks to the adventurer keen on escaping bustling paths for a silent odyssey across time.


Discover America's Top Road Trip Routes

Set out on these celebrated highways to experience America’s vast tapestry of scenery and heritage. Each expedition unfurls a story, showcasing everything from the storied allure of Route 66 to the tranquil panoramas of the Blue Ridge Parkway. Equip your car with necessities and steer toward adventure - every mile holds a new discovery.