Located in the beautiful Mediterranean Sea off the coast of mainland Spain, expect beaches, warm weather, a relaxed lifestyle, friendly people, lots of hotels for all budgets and also some of the tastiest food in Europe.

When planning a holiday to Menorca, food is likely to be high on your list. The Mediterranean diet is wildly popular and the perfect antidote to the hot weather during the summer months. 

While you’re not likely to be short of choice for wonderful places to eat on your travels, if you’re looking for delicious inspiration, feast your eyes on our top ideas for places to eat in sunny Menorca.


Most Delicious Local Cuisine

Some foods which are typical of Menorcan cuisine and essential things to try on the island include:

  • Mahon cheese
  • Lobster soup
  • Ray in the oven with potatoes
  • Country rice
  • Aubergine in the oven
  • Snails with spider crabs
  • Cuttlefish with green peas
  • Figs in the oven
  • Partridges with green cabbage


The Best Place to Eat Mahon Cheese

A staple of historical Menorcan cuisine, authentic Mahon cheese can only be found on the island, and is named after Menorca’s capital city.

It’s made from aged cow’s milk, and has a distinctive strong and salty flavour. It can be eaten deliciously melted, or in slices on bread. In both cases, the flavour has its own delightful intensity and richness.

While in Menorca, you can dip your toe into local culture and visit a cheese factory like Subaida to see how the island’s famed cheese is made. 

Tour the facilities including the animals, dairy and milking room, and take part in a tasting of all the products the factory has to offer including three varieties of cheese, sausage and almond sweets with bread, water and wine. 


The Best Mediterranean Restaurant

There are lots of highly rated places to eat, dotted all around the island with Mahón, the capital, being a real hotspot for top rated restaurants.

If you’re new to Mediterranean cuisine, or looking for high quality local produce, Nonna Bazaar is the best Mediterranean restaurant for you.

Located in 400 hectares of idyllic countryside Nonna Bazaar, a mediterranean restaurant in Menorca is an eatery focused on producing food made from their own homegrown produce, with locally sourced ingredients and a phenomenal wine selection. 

Soak in the Menorcan sunset on the terrace and share delicious tapas dishes with friends and family while you listen to live music and swap stories.


Michelin Star Restaurants in Menorca

If you like fine dining and cost is no issue, there are 8 Michelin Star restaurants in Menorca.

Ciutadella de Menorca
€€ · Traditional Cuisine

Ciutadella de Menorca
€€ · Modern Cuisine

Mon Restaurant
Ciutadella de Menorca
€€ · Modern Cuisine

Ciutadella de Menorca
€€€€ · Japanese Contemporary

Ca na Pilar
Es Migjorn Gran
€€ · Contemporary

Es Cranc
€€€ · Seafood

Cala en Porter
€€€€ · Modern Cuisine

Santa Mariana
€€ · Creative


Best Food Market

Mercat des Claustres is one of the best farmers markets in Menorca, and there are a wide range of stalls ranging from clothes and jewellery to meat, fruit and vegetables. 

Perhaps you want to try your hand at authentic Spanish cooking while you’re away? The market is a great place to find the freshest ingredients!

If you’re in need of inspiration, why not try making an authentically Menorcan dish like Lobster Soup?



What are the best restaurants in Menorca that provide takeaway? Check out these popular restaurants in Menorca that deliver:

• Don Gelato & Coffee
• Puerto Dips
• Piqniq


Best Place to Try Local Drinks

For the alcohol connoisseurs out there, it will no doubt be on your bucket list to try Menorca’s iconic Xoriguer gin, a strong and peppery choice of drink. 

Distillers create the gin using a base of distilled wine, and dates back to the 18th century when the island was under British control. Traditionally, locals will mix Xoriguer gin with lemonade to make the perfect summery drink.

If you fancy sampling the drink, visit the Xoriguer distillery to learn all about the distillation process and take a tour. A visit is free, but you’re guaranteed to empty your bank account on purchasing the gin to complement your other local snacks.


Cost of Eating Out in Menorca

Menorca is definitely one of the the most affordable Spanish islands, especially compared to the other Balearic islands of Ibiza and Majorca which are now home to a numerous luxury all-inclusive hotels, chic villas and expensive restaurants.

Menorca is more well-known for being budget friendly and the perfect destination for families.

Here is a guide to the general costs of food and drink: 

• Meal in a cheap restaurant 15 EUR 16 USD
• Meal for 2 People, Mid-range Restaurant, Three-course 30 EUR 32 USD
• Cappuccino (regular) 2.00 EUR 2.20 USD
• Domestic Beer (0.5 liter draught) 2.50 EUR 2.70 USD
• Imported Beer (0.33 liter bottle) 3.50 EUR

Have you been to Menorca? Do you know of any wonderful places to eat in Menorca? Share your thoughts in the comments below!