However, for some patients, a hair transplant is the only way to get back their attractiveness and confidence. The most common and safe method is FUE hair transplant when a doctor withdraws follicles from the donor zone and carefully puts implants in the hairless area. 

About 750,000 men and women do this surgery every year. However, not everyone decides to have a hair transplant, even if it is the only way to recover the hair growth. 

Some people think that this intervention is not affordable for them, some are afraid of a bad outcome. The cost of a hair transplant varies from $1,800 in Turkey to $15,000 in the USA. The difference is huge, and in this article, you will find out where you can have a hair transplant done at a reasonable price without quality loss.


1. Turkey

People often consider Turkey as one of the best places for a hair transplant due to the following points. The local hair transplant surgeons perform an intervention for $2,200 on average. And this price is indicated for the unlimited number of grafts (a set of follicles). Moreover, paying this cost, you also receive a free transfer, language assistance, and hotel or hospital stay. The Turkish hair transplant doctors have thousands of procedures under their belt, so here you will receive excellent quality at a low price. Patients from Great Britain and the UAE frequently choose Turkey as a destination for a hair transplant.


2. Mexico

Americans frequently choose Mexico as a top place for a hair transplant. As we have mentioned above, the price for the procedure may reach up to $15,000. It is very expensive for many people, and health insurance does cover expenses for this procedure. While the same FUE hair transplant in Mexican clinics costs about $3,400. Even with accommodation and travel charges, having a hair transplant in Mexico is more profitable than in the USA.


3. Poland 

If you want to do a hair transplant in Europe, the Polish clinics are the best places for this purpose. Picking local medical centers, you receive European standards of treatment and good services at a reasonable price — about $4,500.This price can be higher if you need more grafts to be transplanted. Accommodation and transfer are paid additionally, so be ready for extra expenses. 


4. South Korea

If the price is not a matter for you, South Korea can be the best place to get hair transplant surgery. According to Bookimed’s list of Korean clinics, the average cost of a hair transplant is $6,500. This price may vary depending on the required number of grafts. It includes a hair transplant surgeon’s fee and all medical consumables. The success rate of South Korea for a hair transplant reaches up to 98%, which is one of the highest indexes in the world.


How to Arrange Your Hair Transplant Abroad?

If you are a newbie in medical tourism and you have never traveled abroad for a medical purpose, start experiencing This is a free international platform to search for medical centers all over the globe. Bookimed cooperates with 90+ hair transplant clinics located worldwide according to the platform’s data.

All you need is to submit a request on the website, then a Bookimed coordinator will contact you to pick a clinic according to your preferences (price, location). You choose the date of your arrival, and the coordinator books tickets and a hotel (if necessary) for you. This approach will save time and money for you, and also you can always contact your coordinator to solve any problems during the trip.