Here are ten ways that you can get a high-paying freelance job.


1. Travel Blogging

Put your travel experiences into words and create your own travel blog or social media channel. You’ll need to pick up the bacics of WordPress and after accomplishing that, let affiliate marketing do the magic.

Document your trips and if you share good content, you can make a comfortable living out of it whilst also enjoying perks along the way including getting to explore the world. 


2. Digitial Assistant, Social Media & Marketing

You can provide online services to companies remote locations as long as you have access to the internet.

Tasks usually vary depending on the role and company, but generally involve managing events, calendars, appointments and e-mails. Most employers have numerous calls on Skype that clog up their schedule, which you can answer on their behalf. 

For jobs in social media tasks can include engaging with online audiences on popular websites like TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.This line of work can be really enjoyable building brand awareness to the public, creating more leads and improving customer engagement. 


3. Freelance Translator

The world has become more and more globalized. Many companies seek to expand their businesses internationally because the Internet has made it easier to enter new markets. Due to this, translators and language professionals are in high demand for global businesses and remote-first translation companies.

If you speak two or more languages, why not give this job a shot? But to maximize your earning potential, you can specialize in an industry and language pair by getting a certificate and building up your portfolio. Some websites where you can apply directly to a business or translation company are Tomedes, Translators Cafe, and Glassdoor.


4. Teaching

Becoming a language teacher online is a great way to work abroad and explore the globe. Lots of websites and apps hire staff to instruct lessons in a range of languages like English, Spanish, French, German and Portuguese - just to name a few. 


5. Graphic Design

All you need is your laptop if you if you work with graphic design. You will get to decide how a website looks by creating a layout with your desired fonts and images. It’s even simpler if you are an amateur in web designing with the use of sites such as, you can now create a website within minutes.


6. Copywriting

It’s a great experience to write while enjoying the sea breeze at your comfort. Duplicate writing involves writing a text for marketing through advertisement. 

The sales copy aims at increasing brand awareness in an attempt to lure customers into buying the product. Your work is to write about the advantages of the product you are selling and promote it too. 

You can learn a few tricks about it when you order your next academic assignment from well known essay writing service. EduBirdie. Interacting with expert writers who write everything from thesis and dissertation to web marketing content is always great fun.


7. Affiliate Marketing

If you start a website and it gets popular you can make money through affiliate marketing. This is where you sell products or services and generate income through commission. Everytime someone clicks from your website and makes a purchase you will receive a fee.   


8. Ecommerce

Amazon and eBay are among the most websites in the world and allow people to sell goods and items online. This could be your chance to sell items on these platforms and make money. Thousands of people make money this way, with a lot working from home or remotely. Nowadays you can create commercial websites fairly easy and start selling right away. 


9. Playing Games

This is a risky option, but lots of people to make a living through gambling. Pick up the tricks of a game like poker and you can compete online or against various players across the world. Join online tournaments that occur at different stages and you send in player requests. You can be sunbathing in the Maldives while earning money as you play and win poker tournaments. 


10. Online Trading

This is the use of the electronic method of trade to sell your stocks through an online trading platform such as forex, stocks, and E*trade. These products sold include stocks, bonds, currencies, commodities, derivatives, among others. 

All you are required to do is manage your account, check latest news feeds and be on the look for opportuntiies. It isn't without risk though so if this does appeal start small and always be on the lookout for changes in the stock market to avoid incurring losses.


Work from Anywhere in the World

Getting to work remotely really is an amazing way to be your own boss and also get the opportunity to travel the world. Hopefully our article has given you suggestions for the types of freelance positions available. Search our featured jobs abroad and apply for your dream position today.