How to Make Money When Travelling

How to Make Money When Travelling

Interested in going traveling, backpacking or taking a gap year? Wondering how to get earn money and make an income while traveling? If you would like to travel the world and get paid there are lots of easy, flexible and structured travel and work programs available. 

View our ultimate list of the best ways you can get paid to travel the world...


1. Write for One World 365

We are always keen to hear from people interested in becoming travel writers. Whether you have experience or are totally new to travel writing we seek people to write articles all year round. Read more information about becoming a travel writer for One World 365.


2. Start a Blog

You could start your own blog, whether that be travel, lifestyle or any subject really. You might be able to get free things, paid sponsorship and money from affiliate sales and banners. All you need is a phone, tablet or computer and you can keep it updated anywhere in the world. Some companies will even pay for you to go on trips and experiences.


3. Make Money Selling Video Content Online

Are you confident being infront of the camera? Uscreen is a Video on Demand (VOD) platform enabling you to sell videos and build subscriptions online. Uscreen has a diverse range of users from startups, entrepreneurs, educators, fitness & lifestyle gurus and travellers & entertainers. You can sign up and make money from your online videos from anywhere in the world. Uscreen features online tutorials and has powerful branding tools giving you the ability to edit and improve your videos. You can upload your videos quickly to start earning money and there is also 24/7 customer support available.


3. Take a TEFL Course

By taking a TEFL certification course you will get a recognised lifetime qualification allowing you to work all around the world. A TEFL course gives you knowledge and skills to work as a language instructor anywhere in the world.


4. Teach English

Becoming an English teacher is a popular option for travelers, there are jobs available worldwide. Applying to teach English can seem daunting but once you pick up the basics of language instruction you will be a pro within no time. Popular destinations include China, Japan, Thailand, Spain, France, Czech Republic, Mexico and Brazil just to name a few.


5. Work on a Cruise Ship

Would you like to visit some of the most exotic destinations in the world and get paid? By applying to work on a cruise ship you could visit places like the Caribbean, Latin America, the Med, Middle East and even Asia / Pacific. There are lots of roles including hospitality, sports instructors, childcare minders and sales staff.


6. Au Pair

Working as an au pair isn't going to make you rich, but you get free food, accommodation and also a salary. Au pair jobs are a great way to live abroad for little cost and is popular with people looking to earn money on gap years. You will get lots of free time to travel and your expenses will be very low.


7. Intern

Aren't internships unpaid? Well, most are but some companies also offer paid internships abroad. This is a great way to gain experience, get your foot in the door and a lot of companies offer full time positions on completion. If you are keen to work abroad this is a great way to get ahead.


8. Apply for a Working Holiday

A lot of people take time out and applying for a working holiday visa job is a great option. Popular options include applying to work in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the UK. You will get to spend a period of time working and traveling, meet other travelers and having an incredible time. 


9. Seasonal Work

There are lots of summer jobs and winter jobs available which are usually short term and flexible perfect if you are a student looking for something to do during the beak from studies or if you are just looking for an exciting change of scenery overseas for a temporary period. You will need to apply in advance to secure a place as competition can be high. You will be able to find a position to match your timeframe and interests.


10. Hotels, Hospitality & Restaurants

The hospitality industry employs millions of people around the world and this can be a great way to gain full and part time employment. There are international chains worldwide offering hotel jobs so if you don't know any foreign languages this sometimes isn't a problem. 


11. Campsite Jobs

Looking to experience a relaxed way of life? Apply to work on a campsite. You can find positions throughout Europe and the world.


12 . Tour Guide

You can join a tours all over the world, but why not be more than a tourist and work as a tour guide. Large tour companies like Oasis Overland and G Adventures hire international staff to work as guides and mechanics all year round. If Africa, you could take a safari guide course and then lead tours in exotic destinations like South Africa, Kenya or Tanzania.


13. Learn to Code

If you study coding, lots of people need websites and design experts, and you only need an internet connection to be able to work from anywhere in the world. It will take you a few months to learn the basics but if you take a course (many can be taken online) you will soon pick up new skills. This job is getting more and more popular.


14. Surf Instructor

Ever been surfing? LIke it? Why not train to become a surfing instructor. There are surf schools located all over the world which hire instructors. Imagine waking up and knowing you are going to get to lead lessons in beautiful locations and also get to live near the ocean.


15. Tourism

The tourism industry employs millions of people around the world and if you have a passion for marketing and travel this could be the industry to check out. You could also apply to work for an international travel company.


16. Learn a New Skill

Take time to learn a new skills, e.g. something you can do around the world to make money. For example take a course and train to become a hairdresser or masseur. These are flexible jobs which can be done full time, part time or in your free time in most countries.


17. Scuba Instructor

There are dive resorts located worldwide, if you have ever been diving and liked it you might like to consider training to be a scuba diving instructor. There are jobs available throughout the world and usually you will get to live in a spectacular setting.


18. Become a YOGA Teacher

Have a passion for yoga? Apply to work as a yoga instructor abroad. You will need a passion and previous experience.


19. Travel Show

Apply to companies who work all over the world, for example bands needs behind the scenes staff to travel the world whilst they are on tour.


20. Work on a Farm

Some farm exchanges are unpaid, but provide free accommodation and meals whilst other positions are paid. Jobs on farms are a great way to see a different way of life.


21. Language Teacher

Lots of people around th world work in the language industry giving private language lessons, you could advertise by word of mouth, online, noticeboards or through personal connections.


22. Resort Jobs

Working at a resort can be a great way to meet new people, experience a new lifesyle and earn money. You could work in the USA or Canada and positions can include childcare, kitchen work, chalet staff, maintenance, cooks and cleaners.


23. Sell Things Online

Websites like ebay are providing incomes for thousands of people, you just need to find the right thing to sell.


24. Photographer

Have a keen eye for a great photo? There are lots of agencies and compaies offering money for photography. Some websites allow you to upload images and then people can purchase them. If you have an online portfilio or blog sometimes companies will contact you to buy the right to use images.


25. YouTube

Becoming a YouTuber is becoming increasingly popular, you need some flair and charisma and this can guarantee an income whilst you shoot videos whilst you travel. Thousands of people are now making money from YouTube in the travel and lifestyle area.


26. Work in a Hostel

Lots of hostels recruit travellers for short and long periods, sometimes you get free board and meals whilst others pay a salary. Some hostels offer flexibe positions throughout the year to travellers looking to stay in one location longer. Jobs can include working at the reception desk, cleaning, cooking or being a general assistant.


27. Busk

Have a musical or theatrical skill? Why not hit the streets and gain money busking. This is a great way to entertain and get cash in hand and you can do this anywhere in the world. You could also get creative, for example, buy a costume or outfit. 


28. Camp Counselor

A popular job for students is to work at a summer camp in the USA as a camp counselor. This job in incredibly fun and allow times to travel in the United States both during and after. You will get to meet new people, get paid to coach sports and also enjoy living and working in a new environment.


29. Sales & PR jobs

If you have a passion for sales then you can get a well paying job anywhere in the world, even online or via the telephone. Sales roles can usually be done freelance as long as you have access to the internet and phone. Telemarketing is a popular area where you can find employment. You can also get sales roles on the road, for example in tourism selling tickets to clubs, entertainment or activities. 


30. Online Freelance Jobs

Looking for the ultimate way to work remote? Depending on your experience, qualifications or training you might be able to apply for online freelance jobs which can be done anywhere in the world. A lot of employers encourage staff to take time out or allow you to work from home as long as you keep up with your schedule. 


31. Voluntary Jobs

When you think of volunteering, you probably think of giving your time and services for no charge kind of line a charitable donation. But there are organisations which offer paid volunteering programs abroad - some have team leader vacancies, some offer a stipend salary whilst others will pay for your accommodation and meals.


32. Private Instructor

Have any skills or experience in a certain area? For example you could instruct maths, science or language over the internet. Lots of people currenty earn money utilising their skills and teaching students to help them learn and improve.  


33. Translator / Interpreter

Do you have a passion for languages? Are you able to converse in more than one language? You could find work as a translator or interpreter. Roles can be found over the internet via agencies or in person depending on your destination. Starting out can be difficult

Hopefully this article has given you some ideas of how you can earn money whilst on your travels, contact us if you think we have missed any ways you can get paid.


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