The main reason for this decision is that dental care in some countries is considerably cheaper than in their country of residency, and even adding the cost of traveling, the entire process costs less. 

This is a good solution for patients that need essential dental work that is too expensive in their country. Therefore, they decide to travel somewhere else where they can find top-quality treatments at lower costs. This can be a life-changing decision for people that require surgery, implants, or expensive procedures like dental crowns, veneers, and others. 

It is normal that people have many questions and concerns about doing it. There are many factors to consider. Which country is a good option? How to find a good dentist? What do we need to know before going? In this post, we will answer some of these questions and give you recommendations so you can have the best experience.


What are the top rated countries to do dental tourism?

There are many countries where you can find cheaper dental work, but some of the best place to get your teeth done abroad are Mexico, Thailand, India, Turkey, Hungary, Colombia, Poland, Costa Rica, The Philippines, and Spain. 

Why choosing one or the other depends on how far away you live, how expensive it is to travel there, and what experience are you looking for while being there. For example, a lot of people decide to visit Mexico, specifically a town called Molar City (which is an entire location dedicated to dental tourism!), because of the lower prices, but also the great weather and opportunities to have a vacation while visiting. 


How to find a good dentist?

One of the most common concerns is about finding good quality dentists and dental work. Generally, dental tourism hot spots have a higher concentration of dental clinics and a lot of competition to stand out. Therefore, dentists try to stay relevant by always studying, training in modern techniques, and offering the best experience to all their patients. 

To find a good dentist we need to do research. Once we pick a few that we consider adequate, it is important to ask them all the questions and doubts that we have. A good and professional dentist won’t mind answering and clearing all your doubts, explaining how the treatment is done, offering guidance through virtual consultation, and more. 

It is also important to be aware of red flags and behavior that isn’t professional. Insisting on the biggest discounts, constantly affirming their professionality to convince, lack of information regarding a treatment plan or follow-up protocol, using old technology, and bad reviews online are things that we need to be mindful of.


How to pay for your dental treatments?

Most clinics will accept your insurance, but it is important to ask the insurance company if it is possible and what procedure to follow. You can also pay with your credit card or cash. Some people decide to get a personal loan since the interest rate is lower than credit. 


Top tips to have the best experience possible

Overall, it is important to do good research before your trip. This will help you plan and you will know what to expect. 

Another piece of advice is to bring with you your dental records. This is extremely time-saving and helpful to your dentist. You can also ask for a record of the work you are getting done so your local dentist has all the information too once you are back. 

Look for bilingual staff and clinics. You will feel safer and more comfortable if you know you can understand, ask for anything, and receive guidance in your own language.

Don’t pick the lowest price available. Traveling abroad you can save up to 80% on some treatments, but it is also important to find safe and quality dental work. Look at all the options, and pick a medium price range.

There are some important questions to ask before going. Ask what is the follow-up protocol and what happens if something goes wrong, ask if they offer guarantees, ask about their sterilization procedures, and request proof of their permissions, certifications, and degrees. Even though it may be uncomfortable to ask these, you will feel more comfortable knowing that it is a place you can trust.