This is evidenced through the fact that 49% of American adults gambled in 2023 (Statista) — but where did they go to do this? 

In modern times, Americans gamble using: 

🏢 Land-based casinos 

👨‍💻 Online casinos 

🏈 Sportsbooks 

Unsurprisingly, online casinos are the hottest trend at the moment, which is why there’s been a giant increase in online gambling throughout the US. 

Specifically, you can choose between regular online casinos and sweepstakes online casinos. When you try the latest sweeps casinos to hit the market, you get to enjoy casino games with virtual currencies like Gold Coins (GC), so there’s less pressure involved and you still get to play all of your favourite casino games. Best of all, you can play on any device, so there’s no need to travel anywhere. 

Of course, land-based casinos are still as popular as they once were in the US. In fact, millions of people travel to America every year just to visit the different casinos on offer, which you might be planning on doing, too. If so, here’s a basic rundown of the best casinos in the US. 


Best Casinos in the US: Bellagio, Caesars Palace, MGM, and More 

America is home to 468 (and counting) casinos throughout the entire country, with a large bulk of them situated in Las Vegas. Which ones should be at the top of your to-visit list? Here’s what you need to know! 


1. Bellagio Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas

Bellagio Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas

The Bellagio Hotel and Casino is one of the most iconic casinos to have ever been built. With its Italian-inspired luxury design, beautiful water fountain, and huge number of games on offer, it makes perfect sense why the Bellagio is jam-packed with tourists every single year.

Sometimes, it can be quite difficult to even book a room due to the high level of demand, so you’ll need to book ahead of time if you’re planning to stay there. 


2. Caesars Palace, Las Vegas

Caesars Palace, Las Vegas

Next, there’s Caesars Palace, another amazing casino that you can check out. Although Caesars Palace has always been a crowd-favourite, The Hangover (2009) took the popularity of Caesars Palace to another level, turning it into the go-to place for bachelor parties.

As you would expect, this means Caesars Palace hotel can be a little on the expensive side (the most expensive room is $35,000 a night), but the casino is incredible if you get the opportunity to play in it. 


3. Empire City Casino, New York 

Empire City Casino, New York 

Let’s shift the attention to New York for a second, a place that features the highly popular Empire City Casino. The establishment is 290,000 square feet large and offers over 5,300 casino games to enjoy, including all the classics like poker, blackjack, and slots. Simply put, you’re spoilt for choice. 


4. MGM Grand, Las Vegas

MGM Grand, Las Vegas

Everybody knows about the MGM Grand. It’s a huge hotel and casino situated on the Las Vegas Strip that thousands of people stay at every single year. The main attraction points? Aside from the luxury interior and exterior design of the building, the MGM Grand casino is home to 3,500 slot machines and 165 table games, so there’s truly something for everyone to enjoy. 


5. Atlantic Casino Resort Spa, Reno

Atlantic Casino Resort Spa, Reno

Not too far from Las Vegas, the Atlantic Casino Resort Spa is situated in Reno, which is as a cheaper alternative if you’re someone who’s on a gap year in the USA or simply looking for the “Vegas experience” but on a budget.

When you step inside the highly underrated Atlantic Casino Resort Spa, you can enjoy an on-site restaurant, amazing pool, and (of course) a beautiful casino, all without breaking the bank. 


Do you have any favourite casinos in the United States? Let us know in the comments section below.