Best Campsites in the Lake District

Best Campsites in the Lake District

Imagine waking up amidst some of the most glorious scenery surrounded by gorgeous mountains, stunning waterfalls and shimmering lakes.

Then add to this trails that make walking through a breeze, with lush green hillsides and idyllic campsites. That’s what Lake District is all about.

Geologically complex, yes, but an incredibly picturesque blend of scenery that is bound to enchant you. 

The Lake District is, simply put, poetry-worthy. It’s where you go to enjoy inspiring vistas and breath-taking rolling valleys while being perched amidst uninterrupted nature. With England’s highest mountain towering majestically over lakes, with ancient monuments and hidden valleys that end in market towns, and peaks that soar into the sky... what’s there to not love?

The exhilaration of the rugged peaks, and the escape from the all-encompassing stress of the modern world are enough to make you want to pack your bags and leave now.

The Lake District is perfect for all types of walks – whether you’re ticking off trails off your bucket list, or you want strenuous hikes or simply a walk with your dog…Everything is impossible due to the plethora of different options. It’ll be a juxtaposition between striding long miles and relaxing amidst beautiful scenery.

The Lake District is gaining a lot of popularity currently and for the past few years more and more people have chosen it as their perfect places to camp in the UK

Not sure where to go? Check out our list of the top 5 campsites in the Lake District.


1. Skye Farm Camping Ground

Skye Farm is a quiet place that’s tucked away south-west of Keswick. It’s where you go to experience the true primate nature of the campsite and the valleys around you. The ultimate place for a self-guided walking holiday in the UK, the place is fairly basic.

If you want to try a true camping experience with unapologetic rigidness to it, then this is the place to go. There are no shops or receptions – just a farmhouse that will bring you back to bygone eras. It’s relaxing, and is very loved by the climbing and walking communities as well.

Remember – this site is all about toughing it out. 


2. Chapel House

Again, another simple place but one with views that will keep you astonished well after your trip. Perched in the valley of Borrowdale, there are no cars allowed and it’s this uninterrupted open filed. The location is the epitome of purity with high fells, pristine beauty and dozens of chances for lake-side strolling every morning.

The best thing about this place is the amount of fell-walking opportunities that are available along with the relaxing allure of it all. It’s all about strolls, splashing in shallow waters, or even swimming in the rivers. For an extra oomph to your trip, you can visit any of the two pubs that are walking distance from the campsite. 


3. Baysbrown Farm

If you’re not a big fan of lakes, then this place is for you. This lake-free campsite is a place where you can call anywhere home. There are no designated places to pitch your tent here, all you need to do is show up with your tent, and choose whichever spot you want to call home. You’ll be surrounded by mist-shrouded peaks that soar into the sky amidst spaces of grass.

With the Cumbrian hills all around you and the superb location, it’ll be hard to leave your tent. The routes are plentiful too – from low level walks through woodlands, to exploring larger villages, you can enjoy your walking holiday there. 


4. Great Langdale National Trust Campsite, Ambleside

This valley is one of the most popular for hikers in Lake District due to its impressive views. Slops, peaks and gorgeous scenery all make it a haven for some of the best walking trails in England. A lot of the hikers go there to dominate the Langdale Pikes, or you can choose a less-challenging option and choose the easy walks around the valley. You’ll find over 120 pitches over the meadows, and the walking there is considered first-class. 


5. Keswick Campsite

Keswick is another of the most popular campsites by Lake District and is very hard to beat as a base for your walking trip. The location is perfect due to it being north of the Lake District and of course, the views are unparalleled. The lakes above the hills are incredible and the facilities are very up-to date. You’ll find showers, toilets, laundry rooms, backpacker rooms and so much more. 


Tips for Camping in the Lake District

Before heading off to Lake District, you need to make sure that you have done enough research and that you’re well prepared. 

  • Choose your pitch. Where will you be camping? Choose a spot that’s comfortable for you….Whether you want a secret spot or to be camping with other people, whether you want a riverside location or one between valleys. You make that decision!
  • Make sure you budget well
  • A map is essential. You might think a map on your phone is enough, but trust us – it’s not! Mobile signals tend to ne very poor in the corners of the park. 
  • Always arrive early at your site so you can pitch your tent in natural light. 
  • You need a while to actually get to know the campsite you’re staying in and getting familiar with any facilities. 
  • Pack food. Make sure you already have homemade meals. 
  • Don’t over pack! 
  • Blankets are super important. It does get cold at night and you’ll regret not getting some. 
  • Be prepared for the rain. Bring umbrellas and rainproof jackets. 
  • Leave no litter behind. Carry out basically everything that you have carried inside with you. 
  • Leave the campsite the same way you’d want to find it. 


Plan a Camping Trip to the Lake District

The glorious scenery and the idyllic campsites are perfect for your walking holiday and you’ll get to be exploring several various landscapes everywhere you go. The stunning vistas, rolling valleys and woodlands await you at Lake District. You’ll also find that you have many different camping options. From hillside tracks to easily accessible walks, you can explore whether you’re a stroller, or a high-level walker.