Well, there are lots of destinations which are really cheap meaning you can travel without breaking the bank.

Top Tips For Students have put together a list of the most affordable places to travel where your money goes a long way. 


1. Portugal

Portugal is one of the cheapest European travel destinations and you can easily find good flight deals. The city offers a range of fun activities to engage in and eclectic cultural experiences. 

Lisbon and Porto are alive with activities for international visitors, including frequent live concerts, walking tours and more. Given its status as one of Europe’s most popular destinations, there is a wide range of accommodation options in the city all offering great value especially compared to similar cities like Madrid and Barcelona.


2. China

China is one of the cheapest places to travel for students, with cities like Shanghai and Beijing being the most popular destinations in the country. China is also known for being one of the safest destinations tourists and accommodation is quite reasonable with options ranging from basic to luxurious accommodation. 

Another awesome feature of the country is the availability of exotic but cheap food with dishes going for as little as $1. Naturally, the historic country has a lot to offer in terms of tourist sites, museums and art galleries.


3. Cambodia

Cambodia is ideal for the student budget and offers a unique Asian experience that is rooted in the amazing nature of the country's culture and traditions. In Cambodia, accommodation is easy to find and offers low priced food and transportation. 

One of Cambodia’s famous tourist destinations is Monkey Island. The country is famous for inspiring epic films like King Kong and features the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Angkor Wat. 


4. Colombia 

Colombia is increasingly becoming tourist-friendly, and the government has made a concerted effort to attract visitors from all nations. One of the most famous cities in the country is the capital, Bogota, which offers a charming and quaint, homely feel. 

Accommodation and transportation are quite cheap and you can get wide-ranging options depending on your budget. One of the best places to stay and visit is the coffee farms that offer an eco-friendly environment to stay for as little as $30 a night.

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5. India

India is another country that is very welcoming to friendly visits from travelers and the country offers an amazing cultural experience. There are affordable flights from all parts of the world, and to add more fun, India itself is quite a cheap country to navigate. 

The capital city of Delhi is a cultural hub and commercial city, Mumbai, offers a fast pace experience. You can also enjoy nature, tropical climate and the pristine beaches in Goa.


6. South Africa

South Africa is one of the most diverse countries and offers adventures in world-class cities like Johannesburg and Cape Town. If you are chasing an eternal summer, you can visit the warm tropical city of Durban, which is warm all-year-around. 

The country also has small towns which are quite cheap to travel to and stay. However, if you prefer the metropolitan experience – it is quite cheap to travel in and around the country. Its history also offers a rich array of heritage sites, museums, art galleries, township tours and more. 


7. Dominican Republic

If you love the beaches and you are looking for a moment to relax and let your hair down and ride some waves, then the Dominican Republic is the place for you! The country offers cheap accommodation and different ways to get around. You can also enjoy adventures like kayaking, surfing and simply basking in the sun on the beach. 


8. Indonesia

Indonesia features the pristine island of Bali and is one of the most popular tourist destinations. It offers a lovely natural atmosphere of beaches and seemingly endless forestry. 

Another part of Indonesia is Sumatra, among almost 1000 islands! Indonesia offers clean and cheap accommodation, and you can look forward to activities like snorkeling and yoga on the beach. You can also enjoy local cuisine at a reasonable price at a local eatery called Warung.


9. Malaysia

As far as Asian cities go, we can confirm that they are budget-friendly cities that offer unique cultural experiences. Malaysia is one of those countries offering cheap exotic meals, comfortable accommodation, and amazing beach experiences. The country is also known for its rain forests and upmarket resorts. 


10. Romania

Romania is one of those countries in Europe known as a college student destination. The East European country offers a unique and budget-friendly experience, from accommodation to visiting historical architectural sites. Accommodation is also known for being quite decent and it is reasonable to travel in and around the town. 


As the saying goes, travel broadens the mind! And traveling to these above countries is not only budget-friendly but also offers a unique experience. Getting out of one's comfort zone for the holidays is an incredible way to get to know more about other cultures while kicking back and enjoying a good holiday.