But a word of caution first: the adjective “best” is very subjective. Some airlines are better than others because of their customer service, while others have more comfort, better food, and the like.

When you travel, it is helpful to fly in an airline that you can trust and be comfortable in, especially if you are going to spend hours and hours on a plane during a long-haul trip.

This article gives you an honest review of the best airlines for international travel while weighing in all other factors that you may consider when choosing.


1. British Airways

British Airways

British Airways, the United Kingdom’s flag carrier, is one of the most familiar names in the international airline industry. In fact, it just turned 100 years old in February 2019.

With a century of flying experience under its belt, the airline flies 200 destinations across 75 countries in the world.

Economy class is nothing like the stereotype portrayed in some movies, where the passengers are all cramped and seated uncomfortably. On the contrary, British Airways’ economy-class seats are generally one of the widest in terms of legroom as the cabin was fitted for taller people.

In addition, children get to enjoy flight activity packs, and you can even request meals beforehand. For parents traveling with children, that is a five-star treatment. 

If you are going to fly premium or first class, you can avail of spa treatments on selected airport lounges before you fly—giving you the best start to a perfect holiday. To know more, check out this review of British Airways first class.


2. Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines currently holds the title of the airline carrying the longest flight in the world, reaching a total of 19 hours, from Newark to Singapore.

It consistently ranks in the list of the best airlines in the world for international travel, not only for its impeccable food quality and customer service, but also for its price point. When compared to its other counterparts, the average price point can be more affordable, even for economy class.

When you walk inside the plane, you are greeted by Singaporean hospitality, with the cabin crew wearing traditional Singaporean attire. You will also be given a warm towel to start your relaxation.

The crew also makes it a point to minimize food service during sleeping hours in order to let the passengers sleep comfortably. This top-notch service comes as no surprise, considering that Singapore Airlines is the flag carrier of one of the countries with the most luxurious airport. 


3. Lufthansa


Lufthansa, Germany’s flag carrier, is one of the household names in the airline industry, especially around Europe.

At present, Lufthansa flies to over 193 international destinations, excluding its regional European flights. This paved the way for other European countries to follow suit, with Germany as a gateway to and from Europe and other continents of the world.

Lufthansa has been in operation for more than 60 years, making it one of those in the industry that has been flying commercial flights during a time when air travel was not yet a common occurrence.

Their number of years in operation gives you an assurance that the company has mastered the ins and outs of airline service. One of the best awards that Lufthansa has received is being successfully labeled as one of the safest European airlines to fly in.


4. Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways is a relatively newcomer in the airline industry, but despite this infancy, it has also consistently soared high in airline recognition. Qatar Airways is famously known as “The World’s Five-Star Airline” because you are already given first-class treatment even while flying economy. 

As its name suggests, Qatar Airways is the flagship carrier of Qatar. This has opened the way for the Middle East to become the middle connecting point of flights everywhere around the world.

In addition to their excellent service, Qatar Airways is one of the airlines with the least recorded delays.


5. ANA All Nippon Airways

ANA Airlines

Another Asian carrier making it to the list is ANA All Nippon Airways. This Japanese airline has also consistently made it to the list of the top airlines in the world. Among Asian airlines, it has been labeled as having the best business-class seats. It also received global recognition for having the best business-class meals on board.



This list is arranged in no particular order, and the strengths of each of these airlines may or may not outdo each other. With this list, the choice really boils down to your preference, as well as your destination.

What is it that you prefer the most? Better meals? Better comfort? Better services? Better prices? As you plan your next trip, you can now choose among these airlines as to which might be the best option for you.